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  1. Ouch, Yeah I'm down 9.21% on Discovery at the moment. Might be worth it to take the knock then and rather put it towards my Top50 in my TFSA On the flip side, Sibanye has recovered quite nicely in the last 2 months, hope this trend keeps going.
  2. Hey guys. Any educated guesses about whats going on with Discovery's share price at the moment ? I have had around 5K of shares that I want to dump and transfer to my TFSA, but it's not looking good at the moment.
  3. Hi SaurusDNA. Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into your detailed reply, as well as explaining the reasoning behind it. I will certainly use your advice to try and balance the portfolio accordingly as well as going forward. Thanks again, appreciated. Etienne
  4. Hi Guys. I'm also looking for some guidance please. My TFSA currently looks like this: 30% Satrix Divi Plus (Down 1.68%) 15% Satrix SWIX Top40 (Down 8.14%) 15% Sygnia MSCI US (Down 14.26%) 40% Sygnia MSCI World (Up 3.92%) Would you suggest I leave them as is and continue investing as they are, or would it be better to add some other ETF's to replace any of these or as an additional investment ? I currently have 3K available for investment. Thanks in advance.
  5. What about insurance? Is there anything aimed specifically at the sectional title owner? Lower premiums because you don't need to worry about the building and outbuildings etc.
  6. FNB's savings account is currently on 6.30% interest. I moved everything from my Money on call and flexi fixed deposit into the savings account.
  7. I tried to pre-register, but I'm not getting past the initial details screen. What's you're guys thought on the tax implications if this gets implemented for actual investment ?
  8. I was recently browsing through the FNB offerings, in regards to "investment" accounts. I was specifically looking at the various amounts of interest you could earn through the various products they had on offer. As such, I started comparing it to the interest I was earning on the money I had in my Savings pocket. I realised that I had been shafting myself for the past year and a couple of months, with the interest I was earning, compared to what I could be earning if I moved some of my funds to another product. I was specifically looking for something where I had immediate access to my funds. I decided to go the following route, to maximise the amount of interest I could generate, as I was currently only earning 2.5% P/A on the money in my Savings Pocket account. I have always been transferring extra money into the Savings Pocket without keeping track of the interest earned. I opened a Money on call account, as the Money Maximiser is out of my reach, and transferred everything apart from 19K from my Savings pocket (to stay in the 5.5% range) to the new Money on call account (which would put me at 5.25%) Below are the comparative Products and the amount of interest per amount in the accounts: Linked Savings Pocket: Gold R1 - R9 999 - 5.50% R10 000 - R19 999 - 5.50% R20 000 - R49 999 - 2.50% R50 000 - R99 999 - 3.00% R100 000 + - 3.50% Money on Call: R5 000 - R19 999 - 3.50% R20 000 - R29 999 - 5.25% R30 000 - R39 999 - 5.25% R40 000 - R49 999 - 5.25% R50 000 - R59 999 - 5.30% R60 000 - R69 999 - 5.30% R70 000 - R79 999 - 5.35% R80 000 - R89 999 - 5.35% R90 000 - R99 999 - 5.35% R100 000+ - 5.40% Money Maximiser R100 000 + - 7.35%
  9. Hyperli, reminds me a lot of groupon https://www.hyperli.com/
  10. I sold my AXL shares to free up some money, so any good tips are always welcome :-)
  11. Nice. Mine looks like this: Shares FSRs 4519 .4013 Avg. Purchase Price R 0.44 15m Delayed Share Price R 0.45 Profit/(Loss) % 2.27%
  12. What do you guys think of Central Rand Gold Limited (JSE:CRD) ? https://www.google.com/finance?q=JSE%3ACRD&ei=G56LWJDNKorsUbHIlZAB I see some investor was willing to throw 1 Million dollars at them, could there be a possibility for a bit of profit here, in the short to medium term ?
  13. e4et

    Which RA is best ?

    Yeah, I better trek my vinger uit my gat and do something with the money I received.
  14. And I thought mine looked bad :-p
  15. Nice one, thanks. I was wondering where this option was hiding.
  16. Hi guys. I need some guidance again, please. I recently moved jobs, and the provident fund I belonged to with my previous company paid out my dues. Now, I'm so lost its not even funny. Where do I go with my money ? I have nothing in the way of retirement savings, so I need to put my money somewhere, and also where I can continue making monthly contributions as well. I was looking at the Liberty Evolve retirement annuity plan. http://www.liberty.co.za/our-offering/individual/Pages/evolve-retirement-annuity-plan.aspx#/overview Any other suggestions/guidance ? Thanks in advance.
  17. e4et

    Your TFIA/TFSA

    So, not too bad then ? Would the baskets be a better option for a pleb like me, or would you recommend three or four etf's to put my money into ?
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