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  1. Nice. Mine looks like this: Shares FSRs 4519 .4013 Avg. Purchase Price R 0.44 15m Delayed Share Price R 0.45 Profit/(Loss) % 2.27%
  2. What do you guys think of Central Rand Gold Limited (JSE:CRD) ? https://www.google.com/finance?q=JSE%3ACRD&ei=G56LWJDNKorsUbHIlZAB I see some investor was willing to throw 1 Million dollars at them, could there be a possibility for a bit of profit here, in the short to medium term ?
  3. e4et

    Which RA is best ?

    Yeah, I better trek my vinger uit my gat and do something with the money I received.
  4. And I thought mine looked bad :-p
  5. Nice one, thanks. I was wondering where this option was hiding.
  6. Hi guys. I need some guidance again, please. I recently moved jobs, and the provident fund I belonged to with my previous company paid out my dues. Now, I'm so lost its not even funny. Where do I go with my money ? I have nothing in the way of retirement savings, so I need to put my money somewhere, and also where I can continue making monthly contributions as well. I was looking at the Liberty Evolve retirement annuity plan. http://www.liberty.co.za/our-offering/individual/Pages/evolve-retirement-annuity-plan.aspx#/overview Any other suggestions/guidance ? Thanks in advance.
  7. e4et

    Your TFIA/TFSA

    So, not too bad then ? Would the baskets be a better option for a pleb like me, or would you recommend three or four etf's to put my money into ?
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