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  1. Hi. Whats your thoughts on Altcointrader ?
  2. Dropped a bit. Was up 17% at one stage, now sitting at 4%
  3. Hmm, or easier to just sign up on the DCX site ?
  4. Hi guys. Is EC10 on Easy Equities the easiest way to get into crypto ?
  5. Hey guys. Any "value" shares we can look at ? Someone should start a telegram group, for "hot" tips
  6. Thanks Bandit. Certainly gave me something to look into.
  7. Hi Bandit. Thanks for the insights. Why do you prefer ashgeq over msci world?
  8. What's your thoughts on Satrix World? It's basically back to where it was, I'm just cautious to what could still happen in the US. I'm currently up 23%, but I dunno, I'm feeling very uncertain about this.
  9. So what's the score ? Do we wait it out or are there some possible " bargains" to be had ?
  10. What are you guys doing with your TFSA's ? I saw Bandit cashed out. What are the rest of you up to ? Riding it out, or pumping more money into it ?
  11. Is anything a good buy at this stage ?
  12. e4et


    You can also have a read through this thread, for some more insights:
  13. e4et


    Hi. If you miss the 29'th deadline, you've basically missed out on a whole year's worth of contributions into your TFSA. The current tax year ends on the 29'th, hence all the publicity the TFSA's are getting. You have a R33 000 contribution limit during a tax year, which usually runs from 1st of March to the end of Feb the following year. The current 2020 tax year is: 1 March 2019 - 29 February 2020. If you plan on making the allotted R33 000 yearly limit, then depositing some funds into your TFSA before the 29'th would be wise, as you can then still cont
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