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  1. https://www.houseandhome.co.za/cat/Nov19/RSABlackFriday/index.html
  2. Hi guys. I have an appointment tomorrow morning, to finally get my will drafted. (Free of charge) Just want to say thanks for the help and guidance.
  3. Hi guys. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I also have MCSI US and MCSI World, which are both going strong. I have started funding ptxten from scratch. Side note, I got almost R200 from my Top50 this morning Thanks again, appreciate the input.
  4. Hey guys, This thread also got me looking at my tfsa. Would it be advisable to get rid of either my coreshares top50 or satrix divi plus, and use that to invest in ptxten ? I currently have 11K in each. Top50 is currently 3.9% down (- R470) Divi plus is currently 1.2% down (-149) Or would it be better to start from scratch with ptxten ? Thanks.
  5. Thank you Sir. I had a look through the list and I see the attorneys used by the seller of the property I bought two years ago are on the list. I'll definitely reach out to them to enquire.
  6. That's awesome. Thank you very much.
  7. Hi Saurus. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond and explain. I will definitely make time to find an attorney that can assist, as well as have a discussion with my relatives in regards to being executors. Thanks again. Etienne.
  8. How does it work with regards to accounts/savings I have. tfsa fnb tyme avbob etc. Do I just mention them, with their account numbers, or do I need to give full login details, etc ?
  9. Bump. What happened to Joe? I also need to get a will in order and I am very interested in the outcome of this.
  10. So, FNB's saving accounts dropped to 6.05%, grrrr
  11. Thanks Saurus. I like the 2K a month suggestion I never even though of splitting it up like that, plus, I could then probably invest more than the 2K for the next three months. win, win.
  12. Aaaaand, I'm back for more financial assistance I have 6K sitting in my TFSA, I want to use to buy MSCI World shares. I have not pulled the trigger yet, as my profit on said is currently 20% up. My thoughts are to leave the 6K and earn the daily R1 interest and wait for the share price to fall slightly before buying more, to try and get that little bit extra out of it. Does this make sense ?
  13. Bumps. Hey guys. How has this changed in the last two years ? FNB savings account still sitting on 6.30 % Tyme on 7 to 10 % Any others worth mentioning ?
  14. Thanks for the well thought out response. I took the plunge and put 2K in. Will let it sit there and see what happens.
  15. I received the below from EE this morning. What's your thoughts? You've been hungry for Crypto to be added to our spread of investment goodies for a while now. Well get ready to roll up your sleeves: we've brought you a smorgasbord of the best, and the creators aren't short of FinTech Michelin Stars. Former FNB CEO and venture capitalist Michael Jordaan and entrepreneur Earle Loxton's DCX10 crypto token, is now available on the EasyEquities platform. The DCX10 token is a crypto token linked to the value of the DCX10 Index. The DCX10 Index holds the top 10 cryptocurrencies. It's got all the good stuff in there (including a big chunk of Bitcoin), making it diversified and less risky than if you were to invest in individual cryptocurrencies on an exchange.
  16. Ouch, Yeah I'm down 9.21% on Discovery at the moment. Might be worth it to take the knock then and rather put it towards my Top50 in my TFSA On the flip side, Sibanye has recovered quite nicely in the last 2 months, hope this trend keeps going.
  17. Hey guys. Any educated guesses about whats going on with Discovery's share price at the moment ? I have had around 5K of shares that I want to dump and transfer to my TFSA, but it's not looking good at the moment.
  18. Hi SaurusDNA. Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into your detailed reply, as well as explaining the reasoning behind it. I will certainly use your advice to try and balance the portfolio accordingly as well as going forward. Thanks again, appreciated. Etienne
  19. Hi Guys. I'm also looking for some guidance please. My TFSA currently looks like this: 30% Satrix Divi Plus (Down 1.68%) 15% Satrix SWIX Top40 (Down 8.14%) 15% Sygnia MSCI US (Down 14.26%) 40% Sygnia MSCI World (Up 3.92%) Would you suggest I leave them as is and continue investing as they are, or would it be better to add some other ETF's to replace any of these or as an additional investment ? I currently have 3K available for investment. Thanks in advance.
  20. What about insurance? Is there anything aimed specifically at the sectional title owner? Lower premiums because you don't need to worry about the building and outbuildings etc.
  21. FNB's savings account is currently on 6.30% interest. I moved everything from my Money on call and flexi fixed deposit into the savings account.
  22. I tried to pre-register, but I'm not getting past the initial details screen. What's you're guys thought on the tax implications if this gets implemented for actual investment ?
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