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  1. Am do not know enough about crytpo as it stands but I am interested in getting my skin into the game. As we know the best way to do that is to put some money on it. What are some good Crypto ETFs ? By the way, I am almost just starting out and find comfort in ETFs, If anyone would like to talk in or out of anything or leave any other advice, feel free.
  2. Anesu


    I am new to EasyEquities and investing as a whole. I do want to ask about the current frenzy about your TFSA and how i should deposit before the 29th of Feb. 2020. Whats the rush and what will i miss out on if i fail to do as such.
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    What's the difference between Bundles on EasyEquities and an ETF ? i find them almost the same if not totally the same.
  4. Greetings Money has been a cause of concern and i really want to do away with all this anxiety it brings to my day to day. Am always worried of running out but well am not here to vent. Moving on. From my research there are a couple of things i have to get right before i can ensure my finance future. Bank account Savings (Emergency Fund usually then merely savings[a quicker and more accessible sum]) investing The list might not be in its best order nor most detailed form but thats what i know for now(for the sake of this pos
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