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  1. I eventually spoke to a Financial Adviser who agreed with my strategy to diversify offshore.
  2. 44% of my monthly investments goes into RA’s and 56% into ETF's. Major portion of all RA’s are invested in the SA stock market. In in my local ETF portfolio I have monthly investments in Satrix Quality SA (2000.00), Coreshares SA Property Income (1500.00) and a TFSA in Satrix Divi Plus (1375.00). As RA’s are heavily invested in SA, should I terminate my monthly investments in all SA ETF’s and increase my contributions to Satrix MSCI World and Coreshares Global DivTrax.
  3. I requested a transfer of my TFSA from Coreshares to Sygnia on 5th July. I downloaded a statement from Coreshares which indicated that a withdrawal on 16/07/2019 was done. Description of transaction was ‘Withdrawal: Tax Free Transfer to a Third Party’. I contacted Sygnia who informed that they did not receive the transfer certificate and therefore cannot finalise the transfer. Emailed Coreshares requesting the transfer certificate. Received an IT3(s) tax certificate instead In terms of the law TFSA transfers must be completed within 10 days. Is there any regulatory body that I can escalate this with? Would I be paid interest on the transfer amount for this period?
  4. Adapt IT??? Their share price dropped, but still think they have value over the long term.
  5. BTW, when can I re-balance my portfolio. Should I wait for the markets to pick up a bit?
  6. Yes, there is duplication. I would definitely re-balance my portfolio. Thanks a stack SaurusDNA. Thanks for taking the time in providing me your advice. It is much appreciated :)
  7. Hi This is my current Portfolio of ETF's. The Y/N indicates a monthy Debit Order Investment. Do I have too many ETF's in my portfolio? Is there any changes that I can make to the portfolio for better growth? Any suggestions welcome. Thanks
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