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  1. I've been using them for years and rarely have had issues, I use it at work in midrand and at home in Centurion with great service... I'm not trying to promote them at all, and I'll be moving to Afrihost come September. Yeah,thats the difference between platteland and the city. [emoji6] Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  2. When Virgin came to SA many years ago, I also switched to them. But that was a huge mistake as their service and signal were very bad here. I moved back to MTN. Then to Afrihost. Yes, Afrihost use MTN network and I really can't complain. Everything works like it should and the support of Afrihost is great.
  3. Yeah, also don't trust this...seems fishy?
  4. And when you wan to sell a share. Wow okay... Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  5. Lol,okay. But isnt that public shares on JSE? How did EE mistreat you? Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  6. TAS? Whats that? Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  7. So Outlook, it can be done! How far are you with the app?
  8. Okay, but if the app could do all this behind the scenes...and just give the results...then it could be cool
  9. Just did an image search and it seems to be working...one should then 'manipulate' the search results to get what you want...so it can be done
  10. Wonder if it will work if you do a image search on google with the book cover...
  11. Normally once you start working you do not qualify as a beneficiary/dependant anymore... just check with them...
  12. You are lucky then...whats you home address again?! Also never been robbed or in an accident. But I did claim for burst pipes at home last winter. Was worth it. I recently changed from Outsurance to PPS short term insurance. With Outsurance you get something back for if you do not claim. With PPS they pay you a bigger bonus at the end of the year because you used their products. You will only be able to get that bonus on retirement or death. So its a bonus for me because I will not be able to spend it now. What about medical aid funds? Do you have that? My dad was in ICU in 2010 for 30days...the total account worked out at about R1 million....no one have that money to pay that. Luckily he had medical aid. I also have a medical aid fund and are on a rather cheap option as Im not really sick...but with age I will have to move up and then it gets really expensive.
  13. Okay. Its actually really expensive to insure cellphones.
  14. That no claim bonus/discount is a 'foefie'! Sales tactic....
  15. padjakkels


    Okay [WINKING FACE] Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  16. You should - normally they come in and steal: laptop, cellphone, tablet...easily adds up to over R20k gone...
  17. padjakkels


    What other forum?!?
  18. Also have insurance on all my stuff... even cellphone. Cellphone also in R4k range, think its worth while to claim it. So many people do not have insurance...can't think how do they sleep at night... As Hamster said, it can ruin you. I can't imagine losing my bakkie...its the only vehicle that I have. Wonder if they will make it compulsory to have insurance on vehicles like they do in England.
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    Welcome! [FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY] Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  20. Car insurance in SA: 'A necessity, not a luxury' A frightening statistic of South Africa’s roads is that between 65 and 70% of the 11.4 million registered cars in the country are not insured, reports the Automobile Association. Link: news24 Do you have short term insurance, on your car? House? And long term? Life insurance?
  21. First time that I see this. But it looks good. Term: 3.5 years Minimum amount: R100k Capital guaranteed
  22. Why can't i find this forum in my Tapatalk??? I've tried different searches all with no results... Perhaps just do a search for "platinum"?
  23. The buy in is normally low. We are still busy setting everything up. I will PM you.
  24. LOL, I would not invest with such a club where the chairperson decides what to do with the our money. You correct, everyone contribute an amount per month. Once the 'goal', lets say R10,000 is reached, then that money is invested. But the choice of investment is made by all the members/partners, not the chairperson alone. So any one can come with a suggestion for a investment, and the partners will vote on it. Something like that! Please ask more questions!
  25. Tell us more. What your interests.... Finance, etc? Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
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