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  1. Did the dividends pay out? Do it pay out to you normal cash account at the broker?
  2. So dieWerner, did you do it? I also want to try it, but it is not worthwhile if you have a big capital account to start with...
  3. Lol...no. It will make us depro. You can't be depro with hot chocolate and pannekoek!
  4. Everyone busy? Anything new to discuss?
  5. I disagree with the above. Remember the profit that the person takes home, is not equal to the selling price. Perhaps the sale of R40,000 only produce a profit of R5,000. Then its not fair to charge R120,000 for the website, but rather R20,000.
  6. From an accountants perspective...we also sell our time/hours. But we are professionals with ethics and techniques in place to regulate the time spend so that we keep it fair to us and the clients.... so we see it that we and the client are working together.
  7. Sounds interesting. So based on this what time frame would you suggest for this investment? 3 years? 5 years?
  8. We only opened the bank account a few days ago. We will go through July/August with the initial members(partners) and then we will welcome new members early in September. We just want to get everything in place and see that's its working. We will add you to our waiting list and will contact you at the end of August. We will also let you have the bank details then. We understand that you are very keen to join, please don't be discouraged by the waiting period. We are also working on a FAQ section so it can be a bit clearer how everything will work.
  9. The application forms can be send to: [email protected] The first R1,000 is paid by EFT. We are not going to use debit orders as this will make more admin for us. You can then set a stop order on your side every month for the R255. Yes, you can invest any amount, minimum is R255 where R5 will go for costs, etc. You are limited to 10% maximum ownership, meaning you may not have more than 10% of all the units in the Club. For the time being everyone will just contribute R255 per month and once we are up and running, then we can contribute more. Hope this helps.
  10. Can I transfer money between my TFSA and Investment accounts? Unfortunately not. We can't facilitate transfers between the EE Investment account and a TFSA account as there are certain rules that govern the transfer of funds in and out of a TFSA account so that the annual and lifetime limits can be monitored. This means that funds transferred into your TFSA account must come from your bank account. https://support.easyequities.co.za/support/solutions/articles/5000622267-can-i-transfer-money-between-my-tfsa-and-investment-accounts-
  11. Call 111 just ask them to email you the quote. Served by a Droid I hate talking over the phone F2F or E-mail that is all I do. Funny that mybroadband has an article on this today.... http://mybroadband.co.za/news/cellular/171113-how-to-cancel-a-cellphone-contract-with-vodacom-and-mtn.html
  12. Nice!! Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  13. This list is useful. Is there perhaps a list of dividends already PAID, so that you can go and have a look what happened before the dividends were paid and after. I'm curious to see how it played out and if you would have made money on it. Would you for example take money from your credit card, buy shares, get dividends, sell shares and repay your credit card? Remember you don't pay interest on a credit card transaction for the first 55 days if I am correct.
  14. Wonder if you use the demo money in Easy Equities, if the will show the dividends received in your demo money account....
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    Like a savings. And the members motivate each other. Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
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    Okay, cool. Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  17. Thanks! Thats interesting! Didn't know that. Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  18. Mmmm...thats interesting. And sounds unfair in a way also. Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  19. Okay, I actually got the info from google finance under history. But now I want to know why is the opening of the following day different from the closing from the previous day? Its not always so, but there are a few occasions....
  20. Past day ... on that day. How would you 'fine tune' the chart?
  21. Where would one find the value of a share (at closing) on a specific date? Is there a website available with this information?
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    Yes, it can get complicated... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stokvel Contribution StokvelsTraditional savings scheme in which members contribute a fixed amount of money to a common pool weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Members would receive the lump sum on a rotational basis, and they are free to use the money for any purpose. Basic StokvelsDiffer from the contributions stokvel in that it functions as a savings scheme that pays out for specific events, such as for a death, or at Christmas. Grocery StokvelsCollects the grocery or cash coupons that members receive from supermarket chains when they buy provisions for the stokvel parties throughout the year, and distributed these coupons at the end of the saving period. Purchasing StokvelsCollects pool money on a regular basis and uses it to purchase big items that can be used by the group to generate an income for example, a marquee that could be rented out to the community for use on special occasions. Family StokvelsInvest the pooled money in formal bank accounts or financial services. The money is paid out according to the needs of the family, but generally the funds are used for buying land or cars, for business investments, or for deposits on bank loans. Investment GroupInvests money in order to benefit from the interest. When an investment pays out, the money is split but, in some cases, part of it will be kept back for reinvestment. Party StokvelsArranges street or jazz parties, often with live entertainment. An entrance fee is charged, and food and drink is sold. Members then share in the profits. Some of these stokvels have grown into sophisticated businesses Borrowing StokvelsWhich loans money at high monthly interest rates (between 20% and 50%) to members and sub-members from its regular pool money.
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    Anyone joined this in the past? Any experience? Seems to me the binding factor is that its a small group of people and they would confront you if you missed a contribution. Just an interesting concept for me.
  24. Tax have a wide description.... What they mean with tax-free is that you will not pay personal income tax on the return of your investment, eg. interest and capital gain. VAT is something else, Value-added-services and is not the same as your personal income tax. The broker charge you a fee and because they are registered for VAT, they must add VAT to their fee. So that is why you still have to pay VAT aka tax.
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