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  1. BHP for wide range of exposure. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Platinum Wealth mobile app
  2. Welcome Stan (ford/ley)? [sMILING FACE WITH SMILING EYES] Sent from my SM-J320FN using Platinum Wealth mobile app
  3. Cancelling my next BMW OTP with my management promotion and opening a share trading account. Wish I did this in my 20s, but Its been going for 10 years already. I should have bought more and liquid assets as oppose to lifestyle so called assets instead of investing in a zero return golf estate stand. That's how you learn. Property exposure? Buy listed property, always liquid. Like NEP, etc. Spread risk through mutual funds. They should be teaching kids in school this, most schools don't...
  4. See PPC share performance in graph attached. They are not growing in South Africa and struggle to grow revenue elsewhere in Africa. Unless they can find growth the share will just drag along and remain cheap due to EPS depression. Not for me, next. Albert
  5. Please note the article regarding Steinhoff http://www.moneyweb.co.za/investing/steinhoff-cracks-bloomberg-list-of-50-shares-to-watch-in-2017/
  6. Who agrees with this sentiment at this stage? http://www.moneyweb.co.za/investing/unit-trusts/buy-banks-in-a-crisis/
  7. http://www.moneyweb.co.za/mymoney/moneyweb-personal-finance/the-sp-500-comes-to-sa/
  8. http://www.moneyweb.co.za/news/companies-and-deals/naspers-the-elephant-in-the-index/
  9. A downgrade by S&P is almost a formality by December 2016 with the rest of the credit agencies to follow. This drought will persist pushing food inflation further after the 2016 food inflation. See attached graph. Retail spending is down and credit extension is making a turn for the worst, confirming consumer spending is lower than ever and car sales down. NEW car sales took their biggest hammering of the year in July, plunging 20.6% compared with July 2015. In so doing, they dragged down the combined new vehicle market by 17%. For the first seven months of the year, the total market is 11% weaker than for the same period in 2015 and marketers are starting to think they may have underestimated the crash when, in January, they forecast the full-year 2016 market would shrink 12%. Lets keep our hopes up.
  10. Look at this interview and it concludes that offshore for now is a better bet. http://www.moneyweb.co.za/investing/index-investors-will-under-perform-for-quite-a-while-kokkie-kooyman/
  11. Sounds interesting. So based on this what time frame would you suggest for this investment? 3 years? 5 years? dbxusa - mar2016.pdf dbxworld_dec2015.pdf Eurostoxx-50.pdf BRK-A.pdf
  12. Thanks. I have provisional three stock picks for those that don't know them and seen as good stock picks for the future: Sasol with their global operation expansions and whilst crude prices may be subdued for 2017 the share will remain cheapish but positioned for strong EPS growth from 2018 with other global plants adding to the earnings. Naspers even at a PE of 57 times through their subsidiary Tencent remains attractive and then there DBXUS ETF for dollar exposure. Buying the MSCI USA Index, a market cap weighted index which represents 600 of the largest companies in the USA. I also like the DBXEU also as a rand hedge with good sustained earnings in Blue Chip European companies. Talk soon.
  13. Thanks for the information. I don't see the bank account details for the EFT. 10% Ownership rule is also fine by me.
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