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  1. Thanks very much for the explanation, didn't know about the settlement dates, or that it could be after the transaction date (I always thought it was instant when you bought the shares).
  2. The keyword in that quote of yours is "in practice", which means it is not guaranteed that the price will drop after dividends, or drop very significantly. But yes, you can monitor the stock to see what happens after dividend payouts, just as you can monitor any stock for dips and rises. Heck, you could also do the reverse if you feel confident in the calculated risk, i.e. buy shares now before the dividend payout (which will be in a while), and then hopefully sell the shares before/on dividend payout day, when/if it climbs to acceptable profit levels. All in all, as always, s
  3. I think I have seen this in action with regards to Sasol shares a few times. A few days before they will pay out dividends, share price jumps up, after dividends payout day, shares usually drops as the people that wanted a quick dividend grab sells off the shares to make some more profit on the raised share price (and other people as well). Stupid question, does Google finance maybe give info on when a company will pay out dividends? Regards
  4. Received this in my inbox: Not sure I follow what the problem is here. The only thing I can conclude, is that if you do crap ton of trades per day (selling and buying), you must have the funds "cleared" in your trading account, before you can issue a payout, or something like that.
  5. I spent about R250 - R300 pm, buying Vodacom prepaid airtime and data. My phone I took over from my wife when she renewed her contract. For data, I also use the wifi at home (updates etc), and at work will use my office phone for calls (we get a budget each month at the office) Most of the time I will message people, I only sometimes need the airtime for sms and voice calls. One thing, glad I convinced my wife to go off the contracts, in September she will buy out her iphone and tablet contracts. More cash flow for her then
  6. Ja no, see, the brother is just being a parasite. If you don't contribute, or at least have some plan, then you get kicked to the curb.
  7. I can only compare to Sharenet, but they become much more expensive when you start buying and selling a lot of shares. I compared my typical costs when buying and selling with that of Sharenet's calculator, and in the majority of cases, Sharenet's cost was almost 50% lower for buying and selling, which makes quite a difference when taking each transaction into account. However, Nedbank's live pricing pm is a bit cheaper than Sharenet's, about a R100 rand, but the costs of each transaction outweighs this easily.
  8. Good stuff! Wanted to buy yesterday afternoon, but nobody was selling What platform are you using? I picked up 4K's worth @220 Nedbank's one. Wanted to buy 10k @ 220, but I guess I was bit too late (after 15:00), nobody wanted to sell.
  9. Thanks, also using Sharenet's app to manually view watchlist stocks. However, any ios recommendations for alerst?
  10. Hello Any recommendations for an app that not only lets you view shares on the JSE, but also where you can put in alerts for when a certain share reaches a certain value?
  11. Good stuff! Wanted to buy yesterday afternoon, but nobody was selling
  12. Agree with the above posts, but on the other hand, it could be great for the child's financials. If the child has started working, then with the low living expenditure (rent, food etc), they can start saving a lot more vs when they had to pay for higher rent etc. So, after a few years of this saving, they would have a great investments/assets to further grow. They can then move out to their own place, since by then they would also have found their feet in their career etc. Other thing is, if they are more entrepreneurial inclined, living at home will help/assist them in setting up
  13. Okty


    The MyBB one
  14. The are only three reasons I can think of how this could happen: 1) China starts creating another economic bubble, which requires huge amount of mineral resources from us to buy 2) South Africa economy actually starts exporting more goods and services (lol) than it imports 3) USA economy does something weird Nr 1 above is the only likely scenario, so how possible that is in the next five years is difficult to say. You will have to start monitoring China's economy outputs and their supposedly economy strategy/goals for the next 5 years to have a good "feel" if the ZAR will strengt
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