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    Platinum Wealth is the soon-to-be-leading financial forum with an eye on the future of our country and the citizens of South Africa. No matter if the years of trading with just goods have gone by, us as a civilization have always looked towards how to get a better deal, how to have more – essentially to prosper. We have created a bigger platform for you to do so. A connection of your peers giving their tips and tricks for what has helped them reach their finance and investment goals.

    From personal finance and making money, to financial news and small business, we cover it all at Platinum Wealth. Pose your money and investment questions in our money and investment forums, we'll make sure they get answered. We want to guide a new generation of money-conscious readers. We are here to share tips that will help you live large without sacrificing your financial independence.

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    • By SaurusDNA
      This is my ETF portfolio. I'm interested to hear any thoughts on how you might tweak it and why...
      SYGWD   15%
      STXEMG   15%
      STXIND 15%
      SYGUS     14%
      GLPROP   7%
      SYGJP      7%
      STXQUA    7%
      ASHT40   7%
      STXRAF   7%
      ASHMID   6%
    • By Anesu
      Money has been a cause of concern and i really want to do away with all this anxiety it brings to my day to day. Am always worried of running out but well am not here to vent. 
      Moving on.
      From my research there are a couple of things i have to get right before i can ensure my finance future. 
      Bank account Savings (Emergency Fund usually then merely  savings[a quicker and more accessible sum]) investing   
      The list might not be in its best order nor most detailed form but thats what i know for now(for the sake of this post).
      Would anyone please assist me with either information and or guidance with these three aspects and also help me on the right path.
       Tyme Bank would have been my go to bank. Its rates seem lovely. I understand that all the figures advertised may come to change sometime soon and what not but as for now and making a pick, the rate are a good enough starting point. Unfortunately i am not a South African citizen and have even considered other online banks but have not been too luckily finding one that is laid back on the fees and requires to open an account. Any ideas ? I have resorted to FNB EasyAccount(PAYU)  and Standard bank(Student Achiever)(am currently a student doing my 3rd year and fear i might not be in South Africa for as much longer to build my savings in a South African bank to then take it out and perhaps suffer hefty fees. Am not sure how this all works but thats why i would like to get an international online bank where that concern is cancelled out) I hope to have my an FNB account forever and hope to bank from wherever in the world with then even later on and hence settled for them and my current EasyAccount before an upgrade to an different account. In the event i save with them(hopefully i do), i feel i have reason to foresee a longterm relationship. Investing, i want to use EasyEquities to make all my investments. They were suggested by Platinum Wealth and hey, i like them. I do not know if its better to have all i save and invest with them or not. Assuming there is a manner of saving i can do with tem in a TFSA. i really dont know how the platform works but i am dabbling in and with information to see what and how far we can go together.  
      i trust that i can get some scrutiny here and get some answers as well. Dont take too long i dont have time. I want to spend it all on the market, i hear thats how you earn anything in the long run
      PS:I understand it depends on what i dash dash dash lol. Please throw me in the deep end and give me a broad response lol assume everything  
    • By Outlook
      The 4 cheapest (lowest TER) ETF's for Local Exposure:
      1. Sygnia Itrix SWIX 40 ETF 0.15%
      2. Sygnia Itrix Top 40 ETF 0.15%
      3. Ashburton Top 40 ETF 0.16%
      4. ABSA NewFunds Shari’ah Top 40 0.17%
      The 4 cheapest (lowest TER) ETF's for International Exposure:
      1. Sygnia Itrix S&P 500 ETF 0.20%
      2. Satrix S&P 500 0.25%
      3. Sygnia Itrix Global Property ETF 0.25%
      4. Satrix MSCI World 0.35%

      * All as of March 2018
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