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  1. All right, so after some basic research and pulling data from threads on a couple of forums etc. I've come up with this: AVI AVI Ltd. BVT Bidvest Group Ltd CLS Clicks Group Ltd SHP Shoprite Holdings Ltd DSY Discovery Ltd NPN Naspers Limited CPI Capitec Bank Holdings Limited KIO Kumba Iron Ore Ltd. RES Resilient REIT Limited SRE Sirius Real Estate Ltd
  2. Shot, that's some really good and detailed info right there. I forgot about KIO and never even thought about PPC
  3. So I'm looking to build a share portfolio (dividend or capital growth focussed...or both). I've got my ETFs, Unit Trusts, emergency funds etc. all sorted out and play with cryptos on the side. What I do not have is ownership of a single share to my name. So my new project is to set one up and split a monthly fee evenly between them as a start. My shortlist so far includes: DSY WHL NPN I'm looking for a couple more so any thoughts or reasoning behind some of those you hold will be appreciated PS: Shoprite and Redefine maybe?
  4. Which one? They're all called ITRIX. I assume the new SYG4IR one?
  5. I'm not sure what you guys think but this is what I'm going with from this point forward (at my discretion) unless the boss tells me otherwise. There has been a slight influx of spammers and people posting threads with "hidden" referral links for the sole purpose of getting hits and most of the time it is to crappy and dodgy sites. So, if you are going to post a referral link, please don't hide it and post the whole link as is. If not and I deem it "spam" you have a permanent warning coming your way or worse. We're here posting as a community and not a referral link dumping ground for one post wonders.
  6. I hope we get a reply because this is starting to feel like somebody just looking for YouTube traffic
  7. ANC to report Makhosi Khoza's party to IEC over logo colours via @News24 http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/anc-to-report-makhosi-khozas-party-to-iec-over-logo-colours-20171204?isapp=true ...and there you go.
  8. If you want to "invest" in Cryptocurrencies the South African ones are luno.com, ice3x.co.za and altcointrader.co.za (Luno being the biggest, slickest and easiest one of them all).
  9. Do you want the common sense version or the high stakes risk/reward version that most of the younger folk on this forum subscribe to? Common sense: 1. Makes sure you have insurance (as in income protection, dread disease cover etc) 2. Settle your debt (as in bad debt...credit cards etc) 3. Build up your emergency fund (as in 6 month's worth of expenses) 4. Invest 4.1. If you don't have a pension fund, get an RA. Even if it is just for a small amount you'll at least get to take some advantage of the tax break they provide. 4.2 Set up your core investments. Unit trusts, ETFs etc. These provide a solid bedrock for capital growth and is for the long term (Buying property will probably fall in this category and with some clever financial gymnastics your emergency fund will be part of your access bond) 4.3. Once all the boring stuff above is sorted out and you are more financially secure, you move into satellite high risk/reward investments including Bitcoin I'm not a financial advisor so you should still speak to one but they'll more or less give you a similar view. OR ... Young Investor Version "I don't really understand the difference between Blockchain and Bitcoin but I heard it is the future so pump all your cash into here and HODL. You'll thank me in three years" And you may very well have to write this young bloke with no real financial obligation like a family and school fees a thank you card in three years because you may end up super rich
  10. Go see a financial advisor regardless, preferably an independent one. There's a lot of stuff they know that you and I don't and you don't need to sign any papers you are not comfortable with.
  11. I'm just waiting for the ANC to complain about the name on the voters' ballot Bei g to similar to theirs: ADC ANC That should equalise the "uneducated" vote in this country
  12. http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/makhosi-khoza-launches-new-party-vows-not-to-make-same-mistakes-as-anc-20171201
  13. Stealthy...so you can creep up on traffic stops without anybody noticing
  14. By just sending an EFT or do you go to Luno first and do the whole deposit thing on there?
  15. But this one came in red
  16. Honda car: trade in done Honda bike: sold I'm liberated!
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