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  1. Let's assume you've bought a car for R200,000 with a 25% balloon payment (R50,000) over 60 months. Now let's assume you can make an additional lump sum payment every couple of months. Do you ask the bank to... 1. Recalculate ypurmo monthly repayments (so pay less every month but still for the remainder of the 60 months term). 2. Keep the monthly repayment the same but for a shorter term, effectively paying less interest. 3. Reduce the balloon amount.
  2. If you are going to print your cryptocurrency then own it. No need to talk in the third person. Mod note: approach with caution
  3. The taxbenefit more than makes up for any extra growth an ETF etc. will give you. If you have a pension fund or similar it is deducted from your PAYE every month (instant tax benefit) and your take home pay isn't affected that much (not to mention companies contribute to it on your behalf). I don't max it out but it's more than 15%. There's also a max amount you can contribute every year (R300,000 something). TFSA is "easy" to fill up especially at 41% tax bracket.
  4. You can withdraw as much as you like from a tax free savings account any time you want. The only limitations are on your contributions and what you may invest in which are collective investment schemes with no single share having a greater weighting in the fund than 30% (or thereabouts...need to confirm). So long story short, the closest you are going to get to offshore investing in a TFSA is through a feeder fund. None of our offshore feeder ETFs cater for income except GLPROP which is property/REITS. Actually I think Sygnia has one too. If offshore income is your goal there might be unit trusts that are way better suited for this.
  5. No idea. I'd rather have the better hospital plan for the both of us at a cost of only R200-300pm more than not. You should ask these questions to a medical aid broker.
  6. In my opinion, a medical plan with a savings account is a waste. Rather save the difference yourself. They have all sorts of rules and limits the day you want to use a big sum of it even if you haven't touched it in a few years. My experience anyway. Decent hospital plan (200% cover) + gap cover (500% cover)
  7. How big amount are we talking about here because, and I can't believe I'm saying this, you can send him Bitcoin and let him cash it out that side.
  8. Other than opening and FNB Global account? It gets "cheaper" the higher the amount you're transferring is. Is this purely for a Rand hedge?
  9. So as far as my portfolios go (cash, RA and pension aside): Portfolio 1: My very portfolio evolved into this but I do not contribute to it anymore. SYGWD, NFEMOM, PTXTEN (40/35/25 split) Portfolio 2 (TFSA): CTOP50 PTXTEN GLPROP STXEMG SYGWD Except for cash and bonds I don't think an ETF Portfolio can be diversified any better and it's doing very well atm. Portfolio 3 (Stanlib unit trusts): Diversified Equity Fund of Funds Global Balanced Feeder Fund ...and I know certain bloggers are going to turn in their graves, but I do like those unit trusts and will probably move all of Portfolio 1 to it. They give exceptional diversification in my opinion and I'll probably convert that feeder fund into the true offshore counterpart next year some time.
  10. I sold at R35k because I needed to buy an engagement ring AND I thought that it would start going back down. Thought the same when it hit the 50's, and when it hit the 80's. Now I know it's going to drop one day in the very distant future. If I had bigger balls, was single and didn't have immigration on my mind I'd definitely get back in. Just don't want to risk it...
  11. The day Bitcoin is a real currency is the day the its value drops, stabilises and people lose interest.
  12. ETFs and Unit Trusts over here. No "single shares"...had them, not too keen to get back in again.
  13. I'm gonna flood it with 90's HipHop, Britney Spears and Josh Groban...but go for it
  14. If the other half goes shopping without me it tends to go a lot better on the wallet. Add me to the mix and we end up with a lot of shiaat we don't need or should be eating
  15. Tell me about it. R450 pm for a gym I hate and don't go to. I'm excellent at making excuses
  16. I don't smoke or eat takeaways every day... don't want to downscale my car either
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