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  1. "Ain't nothing but a crypto party.."
  2. There's a "spinning top" right before it. Pretty sure some TA strategy would've signalled.
  3. Comair at the moment, but that might change by tomorrow [emoji14]
  4. 12 Strong (2018) 8/10 Great war film. The guys who really did it must giant balls. Pure madness.
  5. For international: https://www.absastockbrokers.co.za/ - ABSA World Trader https://webtrader.standardbank.com/ost/ - Standard Bank Web Trader https://www.fnb.co.za/share-investing/globalTrader.html - FNB Global Trader
  6. Your STXQUA may have stayed green, mine was pretty red. It recovered a bit today (over 3%) so not sure when you checked. It's still -2.5% for me. TFSA took a real hammering and easily lost 7-8% in total before today.
  7. Who knows. Probably wants some sort of immunity or have NDZ as interim president to grant him immunity or something. The fact that he is in a position to make demands is what is worrying. Why would the ANC even entertain this unless he has dirt on them?
  8. ...and now he has a list of demands before he steps down. Seriously
  9. ...and that turned out to be fake news and eNCA cannot be trusted.
  10. I prefer the STXEMG and STXWDM combination, but really like ASHGEQ. My favourite ETF I do not own [emoji14]
  11. Think it's more related to China and the US. Regardless, the only thing going "up" are interest bearing as accounts
  12. There's no point having both ASHT40 and CTOP50 in the same portfolio. CTOP50 contains all of ASHT40 plus 10 extra. You'll be paying duplicate trading costs etc. for the same stuff. Of those, I'd keep CTOP50. You can have more diversification buy adding ASHMID to the mix. Although a bit more different I feel the same about STXWDM and ASHGEQ. Rather pick both STXWDM+STXEMG or just ASHGEQ.
  13. Bandit

    Your TFIA/TFSA

    I'll probably keep it at EE until we are allowed to move it. Not keen on splitting it up. SYG4IR has done exactly nothing but go down. High risk, sure, but even with exchange rate fluctuations it just does nothing. I'm too impatient
  14. Bandit

    Your TFIA/TFSA

    So as things stand now and for this year*: Offshore (50%) STXWDM: 40% STXEMG: 10% Local (50%) STXQUA: 35% PTXTEN: 15% We're looking at buying a house and also planning a wedding so I might stop my TFSA contributions for 2018. I'm happy with the makeup of it at the moment but I'm toying with the idea of moving it when our finance minister (whoever it may be) gives the go-ahead. The biggest reason being that after three years of maxing out my TFSA contributions it is getting to a sizable value which I do not really want on the TFSA platform. Option 1: Move it to ABSA Stockbrokers. The only problem here is that it is a manual process. I cannot schedule a debit order and let it execute at market buys. So no "auto pilot" mode which kind of sucks. Option 2: Move it to Allan Gray and invest via unit trusts. Will need to keep costs in check though.
  15. Monitor Moneyweb and the like? It'll be in the news and there might be IPO notifications from your broker.
  16. Don't think it will affect any of them all that much. Once Zero lists, different story maybe. Also waiting for Discovery Bank
  17. I dunno how else to explain it. You can only fill up your TFSA at a certain rate. If the assets in it need to produce income you need as much of it in there as possible. Income from within a TFSA will have a major tax benefit over income from outside of a TFSA. It's actually a pretty straightforward concept.
  18. That's what they said and I reckon it is a daft idea because their main reason for doing it is do that they can have access to the funds that would be stuck in the TFSA otherwise. That means you are saving wrong and out of your means. Your TFSA is a long term savings vehicle for retirement one day. University fees, home deposits, general emergencies - these are all things you should be budgeting for and saving for. Saying one needs to keep it outside of the TFSA because you may need comes down to *bad word* please do not do that poor planning (to be blunt). And I'm not sure if they missed the basic logic and compound growth class, but you want to max out your TFSA as quickly as you can to take advantage of the tax free growth even if it isn't that much. The end goal is to one day switch those growth assets into income assets and the more you have at that point in time the higher the incone is going to be. Every year you wait that number is getting smaller and you also risk not being able to use it to the maximum one day because you waited to long (the limits will increase).
  19. And I picked STXWDM over SYGWD because there's something about Sygnia managing ETFs that just doesn't feel right unless you use it via their Alchemy platform.
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