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  1. Tomb Raider (2018) 7/10 I'm alone in my thinking it seems, but I reckon it was better than Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider movies.
  2. Gringo (2018) 8/10 This was just a great movie. Action, drama, comedy and none of it overdone.
  3. Waiting for this one. Here's the index fact sheet: https://indexes.nasdaqomx.com/docs/NDX_FS.pdf
  4. [video=youtube] Icarus Watch this. When they started filming it was just about doping and how to beat it...and then Russia happened. 9/10 easy.
  5. Just keep at it. Soon you'll tell yourself "why do I pay for Windows when I can get this for free" and then you'll buy a Mac.
  6. @SaurusDNA, it's not the rebalancing interval, it's the cost. 0.5% TER is high for an ETF like this IMO. Just wondering where the costs are coming from considering it trades less than their other ETFs on the same exchange but at double the cost.
  7. Well, that's an "underwhelming" fact sheet for NFEVAL. Interesting though, it rebalances twice a year instead of the regular four times a year but still comes at a cost of 0.5%. For what? NFEMOM is expensive because it rebalances every month but this...why is it not closer to the 0.2-0.3 of their other ETFs like NFSWIX?
  8. Enjoy [video=youtube]
  9. Amateur at best and only take photos when I get a chance. You need good optical zoom for wildlife and bird photography but the sensor size and lens are way more important. I've owned a few cameras before and my favourite must be this one: Canon G3X. Unfortunately, my other half took it and now it is hers. I got a proper DSLR (D5300) but I loathe hauling it around with lenses and what not. Just doesn't fit with the type of photos I like to take. But yes, a regular point-n-shoot is useless and you can just as well use a phone but the premium ones like the G3X and Panasonic TZ110 are in a different league to those. Good compromise between image quality and mobility.
  10. I might still try domains, but if I ever leave HostKing I'll just leave the SA providers altogether. I've got a couple of parked domains at GridHost (WebAfrica) - so far they haven't messed that up.
  11. I can do you better - in my stock picks for this year I had Resilient and Capitec
  12. I would (and do) invest in unit trusts and ETFs that put a cap on how big the share's allocation can be. Example - CTOP50 ETF caps at 10-12%, 10x's unit trust uses their top 60 index but caps at 6%.
  13. Oh, and I get what you are saying about the phone camera but it is not going to do this: Ok fine, if you risk losing your finger to get close enough and keep the image small enough sure you'll get close but a phone's little sensor is only going to get you so far.
  14. Currently a Huawei P9 Lite. Bought it for R3000 odd on a WeChat special and it is still going strong. The minister of home affairs has an iPhone 8 - we have different views on the cost/necessity ratio of phones. But then on the other hand I buy cameras that are more expensive than phones so whatever
  15. Well, there is the price and the pre-configured droplets. The only experience I've had with a VPS in SA was with WebAfrica: 1) they are expensive and 2) there is a stupid cancellation period. On Digital Ocean if I destroy/stop the droplet the per usage billing stops accordingly and immediately. EDIT: And signing up with that link doesn't hurt. Once your are in there are a couple of vouchers you can get. Easy to get up to three/four months free hosting
  16. Just want to highlight something about Naspers: That there is a screen grab of Sygnia's flag ship fund: Skeleton 70. It is a high-risk fund but look at the Naspers exposure and consider that this is a reg 28 compliant fund meaning people can and are using it for their Retirement Annuities. 10% of all your holdings are Naspers. Wouldn't touch that fund with a 10 ft barge pole.
  17. Now we're talking. /moves everything to Digital Ocean Oh, that reminds me (shameless): if any of you ever sign up with Digital Ocean, pretty please use this referral link: https://m.do.co/c/3e171e9e1206
  18. Google "factor investing" This is the first "value" ETF we have as far as I'm aware, but we've had low volatility and momentum for quite some time and of course recently we've gotten a quality ETF.
  19. Pfft, crypto schmytco. I'm looking for a new camera. Tired of using the big DSLR. Reckon a point-n-shoot with a 1" sensor will be much more useful.
  20. Finally. They initially said the value ETF will be listed mid 2017. Better late than never.
  21. I just like food...WAAAAY too much
  22. 1. Place pizza stone in grill and heat that bitch up to high 2. Walk over to fridge and relocate the tortilla wrap, cheese, tomatoes, onions, spinach leaves to counter top 3. Dust breadboard with flour and place wrap on it 4. If you want a cheap tomato base, a squirt of tomato sauce and a splash of tobasco schmeared over the wrap will do 5. Proceed to donner the cheese and rest of stuff into the wrap 6. Slide, what is now a mini pizza, onto the stone and burn it for 10 or so minutes. If it starts "burning" brown or becomes hard (damn straight) it's ready. 7. Slide into plate, apply pizza cutter and thank the gods for your good fortune.
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