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  1. Government won't take over the bond ("... without compensation") If it comes to that either you are going to keep paying for the loan, default or the bank will be forced to take the hit and cancel the loan.
  2. Nice, will be having T-Bones and braaibroodjies (without chutney you heathens!) tomorrow night. Tonight was homemade pizza night: yoghurt base, pizza stone, Weber... 5-10 minutes for dough, another 10 on the Weber...
  3. FIRE - Financial Independence, Retire Early ...go away.
  4. Bandit

    RA Question

    I'd stick with the original. The difference in fees isn't that great. A more important question is what the penalty fees for moving RA are one day. If there is any kind of penalty fee I wouldn't touch it. Anyway, the answer to your question is 10X (EDIT: or Allan Gray if you go the managed route)
  5. I wish he'd explain how this will work in cities' and what about people who have dumped their fortunes into their property, REIT companies etc.
  6. The benefit is that you can use a specific provider's platform (CoreShares, Sygnia etc) and have all the portfolio building blocks there (ETFs). MUCH lower fees.
  7. The Investec one is worth a look I reckon, the rest just duplicates of already existing funds so fees are the only thing separating them.
  8. "Ain't nothing but a crypto party.."
  9. There's a "spinning top" right before it. Pretty sure some TA strategy would've signalled.
  10. Comair at the moment, but that might change by tomorrow [emoji14]
  11. 12 Strong (2018) 8/10 Great war film. The guys who really did it must giant balls. Pure madness.
  12. For international: https://www.absastockbrokers.co.za/ - ABSA World Trader https://webtrader.standardbank.com/ost/ - Standard Bank Web Trader https://www.fnb.co.za/share-investing/globalTrader.html - FNB Global Trader
  13. Your STXQUA may have stayed green, mine was pretty red. It recovered a bit today (over 3%) so not sure when you checked. It's still -2.5% for me. TFSA took a real hammering and easily lost 7-8% in total before today.
  14. Who knows. Probably wants some sort of immunity or have NDZ as interim president to grant him immunity or something. The fact that he is in a position to make demands is what is worrying. Why would the ANC even entertain this unless he has dirt on them?
  15. ...and now he has a list of demands before he steps down. Seriously
  16. ...and that turned out to be fake news and eNCA cannot be trusted.
  17. I prefer the STXEMG and STXWDM combination, but really like ASHGEQ. My favourite ETF I do not own [emoji14]
  18. Think it's more related to China and the US. Regardless, the only thing going "up" are interest bearing as accounts
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