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  1. And I picked STXWDM over SYGWD because there's something about Sygnia managing ETFs that just doesn't feel right unless you use it via their Alchemy platform.
  2. Consolidating and rebalancing my TFSA like this easily cost me about 0.5% of my portfolio. Transaction fees are a real bitch but luckily EasyEquities is cheap. Imagine you did that on OST or FNB etc. SYG4IR...well I've sold it off now so chances are it'll skyrocket. It just doesn't have a place in my portfolio since I don't want my offshore exposure too fragmented. Almost went ASHGEQ instead of WDM+EMG for the same reason.
  3. So I updated/rebalanced my TFSA: STXQUA: 35% STXWDM: 40% STXEMG: 10% PTXTEN: 15% More consolidated and to the point Took a bit of a "gamble" on STXQUA. But when I saw the constituents and that a lot of them are in that share portfolio I put together I thought "why not"
  4. New year, new bragging rights competition: http://investorchallenge.co.za/ Maybe our esteemed leader will get his act together and start a PW group for us.
  5. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) 8/10 Really enjoyed it. The humour was great and just "stupid" enough for it not to be too childish. The children also didn't get that much screentime which probably helped a lot
  6. Unless you need functionality like stop loss and limit orders Easy Equities is the way to go. ABSA ETF Only is also cheap if you are only dealing with ETFs and gives you all the nice stuff a regular platform should.
  7. I don't understand. What do you mean "no meat"?
  8. I've only used Bitfinex for trading, probably because I do not need to get verified to use it (but can only enter via Cryptocurrencies). That and they have a decent API
  9. I fixed it. Methinks it is shameless self-promotion to drive traffic to his site where he has crypto data. I removed the link - he can come back and post the link to the actual article if he wants.
  10. Bandit


    Capitec to FNB should take more than a day because it goes through Bankserv. If it normally takes only a few hours then that is news to me unless you use a clear now option or something.
  11. Might not be the best way but: 1. Buy Ripple on AltcoinTrader.co.za OR 1. Buy BTC/ETH somewhere 2. Transfer to Bitfinex 3. Sell for USD 4. Buy Ripple
  12. Bandit


    Which bank to which bank?
  13. Oh screw it. There are ways but the effort required... just not worth it. Linking CoinData is get's my vote.
  14. If I had to start over I'd probably go with ASHGEQ because it is one ETF that covers almost everything including emerging markets. Combine that with MAPPSG and you have a complete portfolio. Later on you supplement it with PTXTEN for property and other ETFs where you reckon you need more exposure, like STXEMG if you reckon the Ashburton one doesn't give you enough exposure. That's what I would probably do.
  15. Stopped buying SYGWD and continued buying STXWDM when it was released instead (lower costs). Not worth the transaction costs to merge them....yet. I'm eyeing ASHGEQ.
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    Belated greetings
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