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Recent listings - Distell (DGH) and Vivo (VVO)

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I've been following the recent JSE listing of two companies in the last month of two. The first is the re-listing of Distell and the second is the new listing of Vivo energy in South Africa.


The first is Vivo Energy (VVO) who will be responsible for the re-marketing and distribution of Shell fuels and lubricants in South Africa. If they succeed in bringing shell back to its former glory in South Africa, this mid-cap company could become massive.


Secondly, Distell has re-listed as DGH after getting their act together and is now quite a profitable company.


Any thoughts on these two? I think both these companies show huge potential and would just like to hear if others feel the same...

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I am liking Distell, from what I read they are Amarula, 4th street, klipdrift etc.


I can buy that, those are strong brands and SA loves them some alcohol.

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