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Hey everyone! - Jeff here

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Hola Hello peeps, My name is Jeffrey and I am an avid trader in cryptocurrencies and investor in blockchain based technologies. I do reside in South Africa.


I have been in cryptocurrencies since 2013 and have been making an income with it by Mining, Trading and Staking.

I do hold some positions with various cryptocurrencies such as the following:


PIVX - Marketing, Support, Administration

RISE - Marketing, Community Relations

Kapu - Marketing

Wirelesscoin - Community relations and blog writer


Administrator of the 2 biggest cryptocurrency groups on facebook, ccc and cccb





I hope for a world unbound by financial restrictions, borders and limitations. I see a future based on decentralisation and cryptocurrency. 



Thats it :P

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Now we are talking!


What do you think about Sia coin and Civic, I know some guys here are invested in those.


SIA has an incredible vision , something I support and would like to see more of in the future, Decentralised file sharing over the blockchain preventing any organisation from censoring news / media /leaks etc. I believe many news activists such as Julian Assange would appreciate SIA. It has a long way to go and I do foresee some growth.


Now as to CVC or CIVIC, I like that you can protect your identity and secure it using the blockchain, this is something we need in countries such as south africa where identity theft is real, It can be used to secure ICOS and provide an alternative to PGP verification, but with one system having access to all your details and authentication comes alot of responsibilities and that is why they are decentralised,


I happily invest in both :)

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Hello, Jeffery. As others have said, welcome to the forum! Always glad to see new people.


To elaborate a bit further or rather to echo what you said,


Siacoin (Coin View :: Siacoin :: $0.01) I am really interested in, I understand this space and I know how the advantages of hosting being decentralized in business right now SIA’s implementation of that is done very poorly, however they are of the lot of of the better clued up guys so they will pull it off I am sure of it. If you read their blog (Sia Blog) it is incredibly how they even at this small stage fix problems that bitcoin faced and constantly compare themselves to those Top 5 currencies it shows to me these guys are genuine to a degree. Ultimately Sia coin will be a competitor for Amazon S3, which I think is promising. Then the fact that they are now included in Nicehash for mining along side the ASIC miners they released I feel of the lot this coin has a very strong potential to suddenly rocket to $0.8 - $1 (Disclaimer: that price is my opinion.)


Civic (Coin View :: Civic :: $0.47) now here is a coin that I like, being a South African I always had a soft spot for mister Vinny Lingham so i took note early on when this ICO was announced knowing he is a business first man I believe Civic will be operated as a business and me as a token hodler will be rewarded much like a share holder. On a more serious and real note, I think what they do has a real world purpose, simplifying and securing Identification verification is a major thing, so many hacks in the past might not have been possible had Civic been around. I also played around with their API to authenticate myself on my test website and I am telling you this is powerful. In South Africa FICA is a major issue and I think Civic can be used for that instead and around the world the expensive KYC process that all banks use can be done cheaper and better with Civic.

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