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TFIA - ETF Picks for 2021


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So I have been planning my Tax Free Investment Account portfolio for 2021 and this is what I've decided to buy in the year ahead in terms of my ETF picks:



70% Offshore Equities

20% Local Equities

10% Local Property


My portfolio will then look as follows:


Offshore (70%):

ASHEQF:      25%
STXEMG:     25%
STXNDQ:     10%

SYG4IR:       10%


Local (30%):

STX40:          7%
NFEMOM:     7%
STXQUA:       7%  

CSPROP:       10%


The local picks may seem strange at 7% each, but I cannot decide between the three local equity ETFs. NFEMOM has done very well in terms of local ETFs and will probably continue to shine. STX40 contains the more resilient stocks that are most likely do perform best in difficult times. And STXQUA, well, I just love the composition of shares in the basket. My TFIA already contains ETFs in the composition above, so I'll just continue to buy in the same ratio.




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How have those been performing for you over the past year ?

Whats your plans for 2022 ?


I have not made any investments into my tfsa this year yet and need some " grownup advice", I'm still totally wet behind the ears.


Any thoughts on either S&P 500, MSCI World or 4IR ?

I already have quite a bit in World and 4IR.


Would I be better off making a payment into my tfsa and leaving the money in there for a bit to see what the markets do ?

I read somewhere about a possible correction coming, so I'm a bit weary.



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