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  1. Put your bitcoin address in this link: https://blockchain.info/address/replace-this-with-your-address Example: https://blockchain.info/address/33XZf8Ys9sbqnAKynA4yBckyzwN3SEZaU7 Then scroll down and find your transaction example: Then click on that link and you will see the status of the transaction.
  2. Then it must be Luno that have not processed your transaction yet. Maybe @werner can shed some light for us.
  3. Is the payment on luno's side pending or on ATB? I have noticed lately that payments I do on luno takes hours. See if there is an option on luno to cancel your order, if there is then it means its pending on Luno's side.
  4. What where you doing awake at 4:30 AM on a Sunday morning?
  5. Thanks for the great tutorials admin!
  6. Good Bitcoin Arbitrage opportunity
  7. BitcoinZar had a good explanation about that here: https://platinumwealth.co.za/forum/Thread-The-Bitcoin-thread?pid=3673#pid3673
  8. Interesting read @Dusty Mountain
  9. Any consequences from this yet?
  10. @werner welcome! Now things are happening.
  11. Holding thumbs on the Microsoft wallet.
  12. I still think it would have been a lot more powerful if the media pressured more instead of sitting on all this information. Where is @Magda Wierzycka she was quite active an vocal against government, I liked that, pity other CEOs did not join her.
  13. I see windows limits you to 8 GPUs. They are showing off the board at Computex 2017 now and only managed to get 8 cards running using windows. Seems representatives at Computex 2017 are saying that ASRoch is working with AMD to work on a fix with a special driver that will be released in June, there is no news on Nvidia drivers yet.
  14. With the huge popularity of cryptocurrency mining (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin), ASRock is launching a new motherboard with an incredible 13 PCIe slots. Meet the ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ http://www.asrock.com/news/index.asp?ID=3625 I wonder if windows will be able to handle 13 cards? With a M.2 port, so potentially 14 cards. Knowing the existing windows drivers will this actually run 13 GPUs without some kind of custom OS and drivers?
  15. When everyone is buying, then you should sell. Bitcoin will pull back a bit more I have no doubt, but I will continue to buy. Long term, it is the future.
  16. Here's a link explaining why the price differs so much https://platinumwealth.co.za/forum/Thread-The-Bitcoin-thread?pid=3673#pid3673
  17. Good thread! This price seems to be booming. I'll admit I'm a bitcoin believer, but there is no doubt that ethereum will make a big impact in how we perceive cryptocurreincies.
  18. Yea that pretty much echoes what Ranger explained. To add to that since I saw you asked about counterfeit bitcoins. There is no such thing as a "bitcoin" that can be copied. Rather, there is a list of all the transactions that have taken place on the bitcoin network and the order they have taken place. Every client has a copy of this list or theoretically have access to this list if they're a thin client... Essentially, the only way to counterfeit bitcoins would be to spend them in more than one place. This is called a double-spend attack. However, because of the design of the bitcoin blockchain (the list of all the transactions) and the way that list is secured by mining, this requires a tremendous amount of computer power. You can read about this here: Double_spending
  19. Boom - $2,000 The Bitcoin price finally breached the much anticipated $2,000 line, sending excitement throughout the burgeoning global cryptocurrency community.
  20. This url was flagged as inappropriate content. I had to load it on the phone.
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