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  1. iamkiko

    Best Exchanges To Trade Crypto ?

    Binance, every day of the week.
  2. iamkiko

    How to build an Ethereum mining rig

    The ETA for Casper/POS is end of 2017, early 2018/Q1. I reckon you could still make a profit but the capital is costly.
  3. iamkiko

    To mine, or to invest?

    Exodus is a decent one from what I heard (wallet). Bancor (BNT) already had it's ICO and the coins will probably be inflated. Status is this Saturday. Siacoin is tokens for a storage cloud (basic explanation). I personally stayed away from LTC, XRP and ETC as well as ZCash. STEEM/STRAT/GNT/SC are my alt coins apart from ETH. I also bought into CFI in the ICO. Each to their own however, best of luck.
  4. iamkiko

    To mine, or to invest?

    65/25/10 investment split. 65% into safer cryptos - ETH/BTC (you will know if hard fork for BTC will be an issue by then) 25% into mid-safe cryptos - research which ones stabilize in August (Golem/Siacoin etc.) 10% into ICOS (initial coin offerings) which have the chance to make a high ROI; Status, Civic and in the past Bancor, BAT, Aragon etc.
  5. iamkiko

    How to buy Ethereum

    So basically a cartel setting the prices 300USD above any regular exchange? Got it.
  6. iamkiko

    The Bitcoin thread

    I am also keen. Massive backlog on the Nano S. Last week it was July 3rd and now it's end of July. I am travelling to Europe in August so might order some there and bring back with me but will see. Either way, I am keen to join in, if you have any to sell. Thanks mate.
  7. Which alts have caught your eyes guys? I am on STRAT, GNT, SC and bought into the CFI ICO. Looking for some extra value too.
  8. iamkiko

    The Ethereum Thread

    Interesting, I can't get the ETH exchange up. It's only BTC and LTC. Out of curiosity, what was the ZAR/ETH rate on ICE?
  9. iamkiko

    How to build an Ethereum mining rig

    Indeed. I spoke to another guy who estimated R35k for R9-12K return per month. Then again, this is all speculation. I would love to jump in on this but without a guarantee, I can't really afford R35K on a mining rig. Mathematically, it would take anything from 4-8 months to break even. You're probably better off buying ETH with that and letting it appreciate. Thoughts?
  10. iamkiko

    How to build an Ethereum mining rig

    I am curious as to how good of an investment this is with Casper/Proof of Stake coming up. You obviously must have done your research, have you got an idea? I am basing this off what I read here- https://ethereum.stackexchange.com/questions/3523/how-do-miners-profit-post-pos-if-at-all-how-will-new-miners-get-their-start-a/3531#3531
  11. iamkiko

    The Ethereum Thread

    True, BTC however has shot up. ETH has fallen from 10% of BTC value to 9.5%.
  12. iamkiko

    How to buy Ethereum

    Precisely. It's fine for BTC/ETH bulls, chalking it up to the 'cost of doing business' but in reality, it's going against every 'crypto' principle. Typical monopoly stuff here.
  13. iamkiko

    How to buy Ethereum

    Luno is an absolute rip-off, you need a ROI of 20% to just break even. Severely unfair.
  14. iamkiko

    The Ethereum Thread

    Huobi went live today; 0.01% charge for first 3 days and 0.05% for the next 2 weeks I think? OKCoin is going live tomorrow. That makes 2/3 largest exchanges in China making ETH available. Come on baby.
  15. iamkiko

    Best Ethereum Wallet

    Anyone here using a Ledger Nano S? I want to order one but a bit concerned about customs tax. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
  16. iamkiko

    How to start investing

    Hey guys, thank you for the value dropped in this thread!