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  1. The ETA for Casper/POS is end of 2017, early 2018/Q1. I reckon you could still make a profit but the capital is costly.
  2. Exodus is a decent one from what I heard (wallet). Bancor (BNT) already had it's ICO and the coins will probably be inflated. Status is this Saturday. Siacoin is tokens for a storage cloud (basic explanation). I personally stayed away from LTC, XRP and ETC as well as ZCash. STEEM/STRAT/GNT/SC are my alt coins apart from ETH. I also bought into CFI in the ICO. Each to their own however, best of luck.
  3. 65/25/10 investment split. 65% into safer cryptos - ETH/BTC (you will know if hard fork for BTC will be an issue by then) 25% into mid-safe cryptos - research which ones stabilize in August (Golem/Siacoin etc.) 10% into ICOS (initial coin offerings) which have the chance to make a high ROI; Status, Civic and in the past Bancor, BAT, Aragon etc.
  4. So basically a cartel setting the prices 300USD above any regular exchange? Got it.
  5. I am also keen. Massive backlog on the Nano S. Last week it was July 3rd and now it's end of July. I am travelling to Europe in August so might order some there and bring back with me but will see. Either way, I am keen to join in, if you have any to sell. Thanks mate.
  6. Which alts have caught your eyes guys? I am on STRAT, GNT, SC and bought into the CFI ICO. Looking for some extra value too.
  7. Interesting, I can't get the ETH exchange up. It's only BTC and LTC. Out of curiosity, what was the ZAR/ETH rate on ICE?
  8. Indeed. I spoke to another guy who estimated R35k for R9-12K return per month. Then again, this is all speculation. I would love to jump in on this but without a guarantee, I can't really afford R35K on a mining rig. Mathematically, it would take anything from 4-8 months to break even. You're probably better off buying ETH with that and letting it appreciate. Thoughts?
  9. I am curious as to how good of an investment this is with Casper/Proof of Stake coming up. You obviously must have done your research, have you got an idea? I am basing this off what I read here- https://ethereum.stackexchange.com/questions/3523/how-do-miners-profit-post-pos-if-at-all-how-will-new-miners-get-their-start-a/3531#3531
  10. True, BTC however has shot up. ETH has fallen from 10% of BTC value to 9.5%.
  11. Precisely. It's fine for BTC/ETH bulls, chalking it up to the 'cost of doing business' but in reality, it's going against every 'crypto' principle. Typical monopoly stuff here.
  12. Luno is an absolute rip-off, you need a ROI of 20% to just break even. Severely unfair.
  13. Huobi went live today; 0.01% charge for first 3 days and 0.05% for the next 2 weeks I think? OKCoin is going live tomorrow. That makes 2/3 largest exchanges in China making ETH available. Come on baby.
  14. Anyone here using a Ledger Nano S? I want to order one but a bit concerned about customs tax. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
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