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  1. marco79

    Luno BTC (mobile) to Jaxx (mobile) ETH?

    Purply's guide sounds about right. Step 6 is not necessary. It will automatically get picked up.
  2. Please let us know how to take part in this ICO. Sent from my SM-N910F using the Platinum Wealth app
  3. marco79

    Bitcoin Cards

    Does anyone here have a bitcoin debit card? I have been looking at a few different cards. https://wirexapp.com/cards/ (This is the old E-Coin card) https://xapo.com/card/ I think the conversion fees are a bit high. On average the conversion from USD to ZAR is 3% of purchase. I have seen a card with 1% fees but can't recall which card it was.
  4. marco79

    To mine, or to invest?

    At the moment I have 50% ETH, 15% BTC, 15% Ripple, 5% Ethereum Classic, 5% Litecoin, 5% ZCash, 5% Golem I'll look into Siacoin, Status & Bancor. I'm still looking for an alternate or additional wallet to Jaxx.
  5. marco79

    To mine, or to invest?

    One thing I just realized is with the current pricing of mining rigs, your ROI isn't as per Nicehash calcs but now 5 to 6 months.
  6. marco79

    To mine, or to invest?

    By the end of August I will have R100k to dedicate to cryptos. I am looking for opinions as to which option would be better. 1. buy 2 x 6 gpu mining rigs and start mining. With the current hardware shortages I will be paying a pretty penny for what is available, or have to wait a few weeks longer for the rigs after ordering. 2. Buy R50k BTC & ETH each. 3. Buy R25k BTC & ETH each and 1 mining rig. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. marco79

    Hi all

    Hi Sailtrader, welcome to the forum. Lots of advice here. And if you have any questions, just ask. Here are a few very knowledgeable guys around. Sent from my SM-N910F using the Platinum Wealth app
  8. marco79

    How to buy Ethereum

  9. marco79

    Share Trading Platforms and Brokers

    I downloaded Plus500 from the app store. If you register and confirm some details you get R750.00 to start trading with.
  10. marco79

    How to build an Ethereum mining rig

    I tried mining with nicehash on my i7 laptop over the weekend. I couldn't get to use the gpu (M540). It just used the CPU. But I don't think one would get any reasonable gains with 1 gpu.
  11. marco79

    Buying Ripple

    I successfully traded some ETH for Ripple. Very easy process. Thanks again.
  12. marco79

    Buying Ripple

    Thanks Spreadsheet Ranger. Very easy guide. I followed your instructions and transferred some ETH to GateHub. I'll convert to Ripple as soon as my transaction is complete.
  13. marco79

    The Bitcoin thread

    Thanks for the detailed explanation BitcoinZAR. For now I don't like the conversion fee offered on the cards. I'll hold out for when a locally based institution/bank can provide a similar card. In the mean time I'll pump any free funds I have into cryptocurrencies.
  14. marco79

    The Bitcoin thread

    I found some info here for those interested. @BitcoinZar are you making use of this card?
  15. marco79

    The Bitcoin thread

    I read somewhere that one gets a VISA card linked to your Bitcoin account/wallet. Where can I get further details about this?