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    Best Exchanges To Trade Crypto ?

    Binance by far. Use my referral link if you sign up please
  2. Thanks Werner, good to have some official representation on the forum!
  3. SuperJK

    ETH hard fork

    The Eth fork is more of an upgrade, its not contentious so there isn't going to be 2 coins. Nothing needs to be done on our side, unless you're running a full node, in which case you need to update your software. The BTC Segwit2x (not BTC gold, that's a scam) fork on the other hand is contentious so there will most likely be 2 coins after the fork.
  4. SuperJK

    What was your first investment?

    Woolies at R13.70 Famous Brands at R15.95 and a year later Mr Price at R25.06
  5. SuperJK

    The Ethereum Thread

    $373 at the moment, doubt it'll hit $400 in the next 2 days. Will definitely hit $400 in September though. I have a weird feeling it'll hit $400 before the middle of September then correct towards the end of September.
  6. SuperJK

    How to buy Civic Tokens

  7. SuperJK

    What medical aid fund should I choose?

    I would recommend a hospital plan like a Discovery Core plan or even the Smart plan, do not get a plan with a medical savings account, I don't think its worth it, you're basically giving them your own money to keep and pay for day to day medical expenses, you can do that savings on your own. Then get GAP cover by either Discovery or Stratum. Stratums GAP cover also pays for casualty stuff if you're not admitted, like if you twist your ankle and need an xray. (That's what their website says, I haven't used it) Discovery Vitality isn't really worth it if you don't fly or stay in hotels alot, so just keep your current gym contract. The only downside from all this is that you won't get any cover for Dentist visits.
  8. SuperJK

    Luno exchange rate?

    I'm hodling
  9. SuperJK

    Best Ethereum Wallet

    I've used Parity and it wasn't a great experience, would not recommend. MyEtherWallet seems to be the best bet.
  10. SuperJK


    Registered and funded my account within 30 minutes expecting ETH trading to be here by now :/ Two weeks is a long time in the cryptocurrency world, I think I may just buy BTC on ice3x and shapeshift it into ETH.
  11. SuperJK

    The Bitcoin thread

    I wonder if i can make one out of a spare USB stick, i will investigate.
  12. This oke is a lawyer and speaks nine languages. Seems promising, but then again he might just end up being a corrupt ANC puppet.
  13. SuperJK

    Share Trading Platforms and Brokers

    Do any of you know which platforms have a mobile app so you can trade while on the move?
  14. SuperJK

    Which one of you messed this up?

    No no no, looks like they accidentally swopped the price and volume figures.
  15. SuperJK

    Just One Lap ETF bundle

    Do we need an ABSA smart account or could we buy this portfolio on an ABSA ETF Only or TFSA account?
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    Hi Everyone!
  17. SuperJK

    Hello to all

    Hi Raees! Welcome to the forum
  18. SuperJK

    Share Trading Platforms and Brokers

    Here's a google spreadsheet with the price comparisons, i'll add more brokers soon: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fPiNpJYfdIyoDHHthhBFh9PFBMA0eQquEcylvIUA_7w
  19. SuperJK

    Share Trading Platforms and Brokers

    Ah, I was actually creating something like this for you guys but Was having trouble getting the fees out of some brokers though, like Investec, couldn't find it anywhere on their site, just found some old fin24 post with their fees. I'll put the results in a google spreadsheet anyway.
  20. SuperJK

    Share Trading Platforms and Brokers

    +1 for ABSA, have my TFSA and an ETF Only account with them. No monthly fees, opening both accounts was a breeze and I like their portal. My main portfolio is with Thebe Securities, there were pretty cheap and had no minimum amount when I started with them years ago. But their portal has a pretty bad user experience, and i've been looking to move my portfolio to another broker for a while now, just never got around to doing it.