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  1. If you are a total beginner learn the basics on https://babypips.com/learn/forex Don't just blindly start demo trading. Build some knowledge first.
  2. Trading in the Zone - Mark Douglas. Incredible book. Not on TA but on the lures and dangers of trading, taking responsibility, consistency: state of mind, the dynamics of perception, the markets perspective, thinking in probabilities, working with your beliefs, the nature of beliefs, the impact of believes on trading and thinking like a trader. So many lessons that will save you from yourself... I try reread it at least twice yearly.
  3. So DHL called me and said I have to pay Extra costs were a total of R312. Total cost for Ledger Nano S = R1288. I'll take it. Cheers guys! Dan
  4. Option 1: Takealot for around R1680 Option 2: From their site for R976 + customs/import (https://shop.ledger.com/products/ledger-nano-s) Free shipping from DHL (3 business days) Question: Does anyone know what the import costs will be payable on this? Read around that in SA it could be around 15% VAT and 10% Duty = +25% (total costs R1220) Are there other costs? If R1220 is the case it's a way better deal to buy direct plus you can choose your Nano S color (I want Transparent )
  5. Just ordered the Charge 2 for my wife and me. Will keep you guys posted.
  6. What problem? I have an account and dont remember any problems.
  7. EOH spun out of PG Bison IT, PG Bison part of KAP, KAP owned by Steinhoff.
  8. Anything connected to Steinhoff in any way is getting hit. Hence Shoprite drop.
  9. Confucius says: "One does not simply hodl a jse stock"
  10. Updated trading statement and a shocker https://t.co/B4u0aq4dET?amp=1
  11. Im in too. Helps offset some other shockers in my portfolio..
  12. Dancshares


    Welcome!! P.s dont base your buying/ selling decisions on articles as they are only opinions. Nobody knows what will happen. Buy gradually and in what you believe in. My 2 cents Sent from my ALE-L21 using the Platinum Wealth app
  13. @BitcoinZAR are u able to suggest? Sent from my ALE-L21 using the Platinum Wealth app
  14. Hi guys what wallet do you use for IOTA? Sent from my ALE-L21 using the Platinum Wealth app
  15. Simon says.. Next month will mark the beginning of the three-year sideways move in our market. Yip, the levels we are trading at today are the same as April 2014; we have gone nowhere. Markets either correct in time or price. In other words, for a market to become cheaper it either needs to go sideways for a while, as earnings increase, or the prices need to crash lower. Either makes for cheaper valuations and while the crash is the scarier option it is generally the quicker way to cheaper valuations. Locally, we’ve had the long drawn out ‘going nowhere slowly approach’ instead.
  16. @Groovy nope only nxt week, will post here when its live
  17. I'm self employed, which Retirement Annuity provider is best in terms of costs?
  18. @Purply I heard whispers that the IPO was around 10x oversubscribed. Will be interesting to see how it unfolds.
  19. Remember Premier Foods and Fishing to start trading on the JSE TOMORROW. Will you be buying?
  20. Just asked Kristia from JustOneLap how to buy OTC and she said they will be discussing OTC in the next Fat Wallet Show. Listen out for it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Daniel, Good question! I bought some OTCs once, but straight after I did, the legislation changed. We'll discuss it in the next episode. Thanks for listening! Kristia
  21. I like Shoprite. Its aggressively expanding into Africa, own both the Shoprite (lower income) and Checkers (higher income) brands and is taking on Woolies in the convenience food sector. Solid management. I see this growing to and above early highs in the near future.
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