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  1. What are the best stocks to buy and hold? The cream of the crop? What makes them special?
  2. Watch this, just out: http://veonews.teleame.com/adapt-it-hot-or-not-2/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter PS I'm not a fan of TV shows that cover investment but this gives some insight that you can take into consideration.
  3. Any thoughts on Adapt IT? I like the stock long term, was thinking of getting in at R15.. glad I didn't.
  4. @Groovy thanks, better prices if we can buy OTC, but I've heard that guys are not selling (lots of bids but no offers) due to the exciting listing on the main board later this year. Bleh.
  5. Direct marketing will work best for this. Define who you want to target and go at them directly. Work on a document that sets you apart from others and communicate this to them. :-)
  6. Is this an alternative to buying dollars via Forex? What are the differences?
  7. Hey Noobly, why do you own only education stocks? It's wise to diversify across sectors and pick the best 1 or 2 companies per sector, otherwise just buy ETFs.
  8. They are taking on Builders Waherhouse, etc. Cant wait for this listing (separation from Zeder). Does anyone know how to buy this OTC before the IPO?
  9. Remember Premier Food & Fishing goes live on JSE on 2 March. Thankful that my pre-order was approved: We’ve got some good news for you Daniel We can confirm that the Premier Food and Fishing private placement you applied for has been approved and you'll be getting the full amount which you applied for! Can we get a whoop whoop! The full value of the Premier Food and Fishing shares which you requested will be credited to your account on 2 March 2017 when the company is live and trading on the market. Want to know a little more about your new shares? In case you missed it, you can
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