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  1. Mmusi Maimame getting interrupted like there is no tomorrow.
  2. Wow very insightful. Welcome to the forum Leigh. I did not even know the swis franc and the dollar is pretty much the same strength!
  3. $GOLDZAR - Not a bad looking chart here if support around R16k can hold.
  4. AFAIK PIC owns around 67% of Afrisam, not sure if they have anything in PPC though? PIC owns 15.2% of PPC I think they are the single biggest shareholder if I am not mistaken? That seems to be the case, PIC probably owns 30% of everything on the JSE at this stage lol Haha true. Well saw this on MoneyWeb The share price of cement maker PPC was up 5% during morning trade on Monday, after the company announced that it had entered formal discussions with Afrisam on a potential merger. PPC shares were up 5% to R7.35 at 9.17 am. In a statement on Monday, PPC CEO Darryll Castle said the company and AfriSam have concluded that current market circumstances warrant entering into formal discussions to consider a merger. Castle said both companies would jointly assess the potential benefits of the proposed merger for all stakeholders, including the value that can be realised for shareholders. A successful merger between the two cement companies would potentially create a major cement producer in the African continent that would be able to compete internationally. “Should the proposed merger proceed it will result in the creation of a South African-owned cement producer that is financially stronger, operationally more efficient, has deeper technical capability and is well placed to develop as a major African cement producer” said Castle. Cement makes have been battling with challenges of low infrastructure spend, tough competition, low cement prices and the dumping of cheap cement in the domestic market. PPC will hold a press briefing at 12 pm to reveal further details.
  5. AFAIK PIC owns around 67% of Afrisam, not sure if they have anything in PPC though? PIC owns 15.2% of PPC I think they are the single biggest shareholder if I am not mistaken?
  6. If this merger takes place then it means the government will own a cement monopoly correct? Thanks to PIC.
  7. Iron ore back up on solid Chinese demand evidenced in their latest trade numbers. Iron ore $84.5 - up from $82.40
  8. No, I'll catch the highlights. What did i miss? Our country is ruled by satan. #SONA2017
  9. Incredible how this man is allowed to get away with this and then he has the audacity to laugh like this is some joke.
  10. First victim! Being escorted by police. Why is the sound being killed?
  11. Here it is: Speaker's patients getting thin now asking them to consider leaving the house.
  12. Right, let us see if the President will be able to speak. Oh wait this lady wants her leader to talk first. Let us listen.
  13. Oh, he is saying they already tried and failed. Sorry. I got excited.
  14. Calling for the removal of the president! Now we are talking.
  15. #EFF making some very serious remarks, I hope that is a thumb sucked tactic and not true?
  16. What happened to this? What is the company who would act as this exchange? I remember seeing this in the news a year or so back.
  17. I think I am going to buy R500 bucks and see
  18. From this https://www.sygnia.co.za/docs/default-source/Individuals---Savings-Options/sygnia-retirement-annuity-fund-term-sheet.pdf?sfvrsn=6 Joe nominates that this goes to his current wife.
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