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  1. AFAIK PIC owns around 67% of Afrisam, not sure if they have anything in PPC though? PIC owns 15.2% of PPC I think they are the single biggest shareholder if I am not mistaken?
  2. If this merger takes place then it means the government will own a cement monopoly correct? Thanks to PIC.
  3. Iron ore back up on solid Chinese demand evidenced in their latest trade numbers. Iron ore $84.5 - up from $82.40
  4. No, I'll catch the highlights. What did i miss? Our country is ruled by satan. #SONA2017
  5. Incredible how this man is allowed to get away with this and then he has the audacity to laugh like this is some joke.
  6. First victim! Being escorted by police. Why is the sound being killed?
  7. Here it is: Speaker's patients getting thin now asking them to consider leaving the house.
  8. Right, let us see if the President will be able to speak. Oh wait this lady wants her leader to talk first. Let us listen.
  9. Oh, he is saying they already tried and failed. Sorry. I got excited.
  10. Calling for the removal of the president! Now we are talking.
  11. #EFF making some very serious remarks, I hope that is a thumb sucked tactic and not true?
  12. What happened to this? What is the company who would act as this exchange? I remember seeing this in the news a year or so back.
  13. I think I am going to buy R500 bucks and see
  14. From this https://www.sygnia.co.za/docs/default-source/Individuals---Savings-Options/sygnia-retirement-annuity-fund-term-sheet.pdf?sfvrsn=6 Joe nominates that this goes to his current wife.
  15. Here’s a quick wrap-up of what you need to know about this year’s Sona. Thursday night’s State of the Nation Address (Sona) by President Jacob Zuma will be his 10th address to the country and marks the formal opening of the national legislature. Here is a quick wrap-up of what you need to know about this year’s Sona. It is a rare occasion when all three arms of the state, the executive, judiciary and legislature, come together to listen to the president reflect on the challenges facing the country and how government intends to address them. It is also a rare joint sitting of both houses of parliament, the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) called by the president. Zuma is expected to focus a great deal of his speech on the economy and land reform, taking into account how the country’s economic growth has stalled over the past year and fears over a credit rating downgrade by global ratings agencies. This year’s theme is celebrating 20 years of the constitution and 20 years since the establishment of the NCOP. This will be Zuma’s 10th Sona address since his election to the Union Buildings. According to parliament, the opportunity for MPs to comment on or question the address comes during a two-day joint sitting to debate the address on February 14 and 15. Zuma will respond to the debate during the two-day debate on February 16. Notable attendees of the event include former presidents and deputy presidents of the country, heads of Chapter 9 institutions tasked with protecting SA’s constitution, the mayor of Cape Town Patricia de Lille and citizens from various walks of life. Around 730 local and international journalists have been accredited to cover the event. Two protests have been planned during of Zuma’s address. The South African Unintegrated Forces United Front will reportedly hold a gathering on the Grand Parade for 100 participants. The City of Cape Town on Tuesday granted the ANC permission to hold a “People’s Assembly” also on the Grand Parade for about 10 000 party supporters. Zuma is expected to attend the rally after his Sona address to discuss “radical economic transformation”. The National Union of Metal Workers (NUM) has applied for a protest permit for 500 people. Their application was yet to be confirmed by the City of Cape Town. The Economic Freedom Fighters will attend Zuma’s address, but it is unclear if the party will disrupt his speech following the chaos that broke out when its MPs were brutally ejected out of the House for calling on the president to account for the controversial nonsecurity upgrades to his private KwaZulu-Natal home in Nkandla. Source: http://citizen.co.za/news/news-national/1420141/sona-2017-guide-what-you-need-to-know/
  16. What are the uses for Rhodium? I see the Rhodium price is very low, anything that can make this the second gold rush?
  17. When people refer to steel are you in fact talking about the Iron Ore price? I get so confused with this because I never see steel charts Example: http://www.infomine.com/investment/metal-prices/
  18. Noobly

    Hello :)

    That twitter link and this one - https://twitter.com/Storm_Trading Would be pretty sweet if those guys join here or someone here do those sort of charts.
  19. This thread is the official SONA 2017 thread, please discuss everything related 2017 State of the Nation Address here. I will post the live feed here as soon as it is available on the 9th of February. Edit: [video=youtube] [video=youtube] [video=youtube] [video=youtube]
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