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The Ultimate Bitcoin Mining Motherboard


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With the huge popularity of cryptocurrency mining (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin), ASRock is launching a new motherboard with an incredible 13 PCIe slots.  Meet the ASRock H110 Pro BTC+






I wonder if windows will be able to handle 13 cards? With a M.2 port, so potentially 14 cards. Knowing the existing windows drivers will this actually run 13 GPUs without some kind of custom OS and drivers?

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Also wondering about pricing, the other BTC boards was reasonable at start, around R1200, but then they stopped production. So hopefully they will keep them in the production line for longer and not cut it off like they did with the H81 which made these boards go on sale for prices much more than what they're really worth.

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I see windows limits you to 8 GPUs. They are showing off the board at Computex 2017 now and only managed to get 8 cards running using windows.











Seems representatives at Computex 2017 are saying that ASRoch is working with AMD to work on a fix with a special driver that will be released in June, there is no news on Nvidia drivers yet.

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