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  1. Welcome aboard Nicole, hope you find your stay enjoyable.
  2. Purply


    Takes anything from 30 minutes to 2 days for Absa to Luno, depending on time of day EFT is made.
  3. Purply


    You'd think the easiest solution would be for Ice3x and Luno to just open bank accounts at all major SA banks so that transfers can take place within 24 hours........right?!?!?!?!
  4. I get what you are saying, it's just disheartening that he will be allowed to enjoy another Xmas as a free man. Who knows what concoctions they will come up during this time before the trial starts again trying to sway the Judge that he is indeed innocent.
  5. Would everyone in here that read their actual financials posted in their SENS please raise their hands? Coz if you did, you would know this share is absolutely useless, unless I missed some major news/developments? Or are we just buying because it's low, the lonmin of schools?
  6. Why on earth would Pembury be suggested, that place is a sinkhole, or did I miss something? *edit* Will discuss reasons in relevant thread.
  7. Just wow, I really thought they would end before 2017 *sad panda*
  8. I took an IQ test once, the results came back negative.
  9. It feels like this trial is going downhill quickly as most parties involved just want it over and done with as quickly as possible, regardless of the outcome or what shortcuts they take in order to get there.
  10. I tend to agree on the "Make your strategy and stick to it" part, however more important is knowing when to get out before things start going south, even if it means missing out on more potential profit.
  11. Pretty much what was expected from the Doc The tidbit on Desai is somewhat worrying, but then again this is South Africa, can we really expect less?
  12. Are you related to Clippy by any chance Couldn't resist
  13. Sounds like you already on the right track, keep up the good work.
  14. I agree with Mogi, refinance over shorter period would make the most financial sense, unless said person is planning on trading in for an upgrade after say 3 - 5 years, then it's a completely different story.
  15. Interesting question, I suppose it depends on how long you planning on keeping the car?
  16. Aw shucks, glad to see we not the only ones that want this trial to be over and done with.
  17. Sorry to hear Carly, hope you feel better soon! I wonder how much they paid that doctor to come up with that diagnosis :/
  18. I think you mean BCH, which has been implemented into Jaxx Wallet as of 7 November 2017 You might need to update your Jaxx version if it's not currently seen under "Wallets" I did mine on Saturday, took about 5 minutes. Link below for instructions : https://decentral.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003360973-Bitcoin-Cash-BCH-launched-in-Jaxx
  19. I held PPC for a very very long time, however can't recall what exactly happened when which forced me to sell as price was just plummeting, so took my small gain and left. All the talk of mergers and/or buyouts makes for a very bumpy ride. Haven't been keeping track of them for awhile though, so not sure which direction things are heading currently.
  20. Ok fair enough, so long as we have a verdict before xmas
  21. Day 58......and ending on Day 65 hopefully
  22. If memory serves, he said he sat in his brothers toilet with the door slightly ajar while reading his smartphone? That definitely doesn't sound like anything I would do. Why on earth sit on your brothers toilet with the light off, oh because the door was open, right ?!?!?
  23. Right, would I be wrong in making the assumption that Henri is the only "suspect" in connection with these murders, apart from the alleged "intruders" that left zero evidence of them even being there?
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