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  1. Maybe good time to buy SIA, dash went up when the D3 was launched.
  2. They pretty decent for the power they use, can get about 15mh out of them, with very little power usage. You would need quite a few to make any decent amount of money.
  3. Waiting for my bitwala card to arrive!
  4. No ETA on cards, even 1070s are getting hard to get now
  5. http://gtxgaming.co.za/index.php?route=product/product&path=75&product_id=228 I have motherboard stock now, just arrived at the supplier.
  6. Looks good, might need a custom OS for this to work.
  7. It keeps on going up! 1919 USD atm
  8. Nice going, think I might need find someone that can make frames for cheap My shoe orginiser frame needs more space for the cards. I also need sort out this bios flashing rx470 cards, just won't work for me.
  9. This is the most asked question we get. “I want to mine crypto currencies, can you help me get started?” We do a lot and I mean a lot of research. We are extremely competitive and we just love staying on the forefront of technology. So this is the basic start up guide, at some point we can teach you but we have to charge. This guide will set you on the right track. GPU mining (mining with your graphics card) You need an internet connection (obviously) The first step is to open an account at a local trading platform. There are a few but the two we use are www.altcointrader.co.za a
  10. androux123


    I am noob and I like cryptocurrencies
  11. Almost time for my weekly payment , only 100 usd this week. Started with 4x 1070s. From next week I should earn around 420 usd a week. 12 rx480 , 6x rx470 and 4x 1070s
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