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Njabulo Nsibande

The Savings Challenge

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A thread on the
The money challenge #2019MoneyChallenge

Here’s how it works

Months are assigned a number from 1-12 
Jan = 1
Feb= 2
Mar= 3 
And so on to Dec = 12

We then have a multiplier lets 2 and an example. how this then works is you multiply the multiplier by the months’s respective value i.e 2 in the case of Feb.
So Feb would be 2 * 2, then you multiply the results by Rands you want to start with, could be for now lets use R100. 

So in total you would have 
Jan = (1 * 2) * R100= R200
Feb = (2*2) * R100 = R400
Mar = (3*2)* R100 = 600

And so on till Dec = (12*2)*R100= R2400
In total you would then save R15600 over the 12 months

Whats cool about this is you can change the “Rands” value and the “multiplier” value to suit your goals and afffordability

Multiplier = 0.5
Rands= 50
Jan = (1 * 0.5) *R50 = 25
Feb = (2 * 0.5) *R50 = R50
Mar = (3 * 0.5) * R50 = R75
…… Dec (12 * 0.5) *R50
Total = 1950

Last example
Multiplier =3
Rands= 200
Jan = (1 * 3) * R200 = R600
Feb = (2 * 3) * R200 = R1200
Mar = (3 * 3) * R200 = R1800
… Dec = (12 * 3 ) * R200= R7200

So depending on where you are in life financially you can start snow balling into higher savings rate. From small amounts to big amounts.

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I'm in. I'm fortunate enough to be saving biggish amounts already but it would be nice to see this grow in an account of its own.


I have not used up all of my Tymebank allowances yet (very far from it to be honest) so one of those goal saves will be reallocated to this.

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We'll need to create an official thread. This one belongs in the how to section but we need a 2020/2021/2022 etc. thread to track this.

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To work out you projected savings before interest (ie. the total you'll put in for the year):


Multiplier x Base Rand Amount x total months, or rather: multiplier x rand amount x 78


1 x 100 x 78 = R7800

2 x 100 x 78 = R15600

3 x 200 x 78 = R46800

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