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  1. Man how do you keep still in a space this volatile? 1 minute I'm happy, next minute I'm really sad, then angry, happy. For amateurs like me, this dcx10 is fine for now, get to work on my feelings,
  2. Salute to everyone who held on this thing, I hope the management is serious. I got rekt, and left with a loss, not even giving these guys any look ever again.
  3. I've always wanted to buy some crypto, diversify my investments but couldn't do it. This dcx10 has really put me on. @Spreadsheet Ranger your wisdom is needed here, what are your thoughts on dcx10, the coins on the index in particular.
  4. Carte Blanche is on their A$$$. They released a Sens yesterday saying they turned down an interview with Carte Blanche. You know when those journos are looking for you, it means boy you have Eff'd up big.
  5. Pembury shady management back on their BS. I've just seen this sens, thought I'd give anyone still holding a heads up if you missed the sens. GEN - General- Late Submissions of Provisional Financial Statements: BWZ/PEM GEN – Multiple Issuers GEN - General- Late Submissions of Provisional Financial Statements BRAINWORKS LIMITED ALPHA CODE: BWZ ISIN CODE: MU0548S00000 PEMBURY LIFESTYLE GROUP LIMITED ALPHA CODE: PEM ISIN CODE: ZAE000222949 LATE SUBMISSION OF PROVISIONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ("PROVISIONAL REPORTS") The Johann
  6. Is there anyone here who's looking at miners or holding them? Sibanye, implats, agl...etc?
  7. Does anybody know what's happening behind the scenes at Long4Life (if there's anything),this share price has been doing much. I saw Holdsport directors selling a while back(I don't care about them), but if that was a signal that Holdsport is making a loss and they are taking their skins out the game, 'FARK' them.
  8. Conduct of management is what's made me lose interest the most, i don't trust them with their lack of communication with small shareholders. The education and retirement business is what made me love this company but management is messing up. A company like PSG would never go into the retirement homes business if there was no money to be made there, there's money there. Pembury was there first and so far they haven't delivered. With the schools side, I don't expect much growth, i don't see how they can be immune from what's hit Curro and Advtech, so I understand.
  9. Platinumwealth club members, I'm getting rid of this company, taking what's left to Implats, i hope I can recoup my losses there.
  10. I'm right here Ranger. With My "Snortfolio".
  11. I don't know where to start about this company, but what I know is that, I really want to punch management, on site, I don't want to talk. I really do. F these Mo'foz.
  12. My bad for missing this post. My portfolio has been in bear market territory for a year or 2..tragic.
  13. Thanks for the lowdown SB45. All I can say is... Maaan these guys are thugs. Can somebody check if the elderly in their retirement homes get all their meals or they are made to choose between breakfast or supper. CAN'T TRUST THESE FRAUDS.
  14. @ SB45 I wish I knew their plans mate, I really do. They know people are waiting to give them that "CHOPPIES" treatment, it's inevitable. Management has Zero credibility.
  15. I keep a record of all CEOs, CFOs (management) whose companies go bust or they jump ship when the share price of their companies plunge. I do this to remind myself to NOT put any cent on whatever "good business " they running in the future. APOLOGIES FOR POSTING ON A WRONG THREAD, THERE'S NO "RANTS" Thread yet.
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