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    Insimbi Profits Rocket

    https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/companies/industrials/2017-10-20-first-results-show-insimbis-revenue-and-profit-rocket/ So glad I got in with these guys, expecting great things from them in the years to come[emoji4]
  2. YoungInvestor

    Adapt IT

    Anyone else invested in Adapt IT. Listened to a podcast by Simon Brown, and after doing some research decided to buy in today @ 790c. How does everyone else feel about them?
  3. YoungInvestor

    PPC a solid share to back?

    Anyone holding shares in PPC? Been reading up about them quite alot and seems like they are in a good position to start performing well within the next 2 years? Any comments or thoughts?
  4. YoungInvestor

    Advtech vs Curro?

    Hi guys, just read an interesting article by Simon Brown on Advtech vs Curro. I own Curro and Stadio shares and have high hopes for some serious J curve growth from Stadio, but considering selling Curro for Advtech while im up on Curro. In the article he suggests that without the tertiary sector in Curro, its overpriced @ the moment and too mature to grow rapidly where as Advtech is set for more rapid growth, espcially in the tertiary sector, competing with Stadio. Comments and thoughts?
  5. YoungInvestor

    JSE Resource Companies

    I am potentially wanting to diversify into some resource companies, anyone have any opinions or own any resource shares? Thanks
  6. YoungInvestor

    Orion Minerals

    Anyone know much about these guys, its a newish secondary listing (AUS) planning on opening up mining operations in Prieska in early 2018, mining zinc and copper which both have very good and profitable outlooks into the future from a commodity point of view. Any thoughts?
  7. YoungInvestor

    4sight holdings new JSE Listing 19 Oct

    Excited about these guys listing tomorrow. Anyone taken up the IPO and been notified of their shares yet?
  8. YoungInvestor

    Stellar Capital

    What are your guys thoughts on Steller?
  9. YoungInvestor

    How to get a Capitec credit card

    See link https://www.capitecbank.co.za/bankbetterlivebetter/articles/using-your-credit-card
  10. YoungInvestor

    How to get a Capitec credit card

    Hi Ranger, I believe it's when you have a debit balance on your credit card, they will give you that interest rate. They even advise depositing your salary into your credit card on their website, strange, but with interest like that on a positive balance I would
  11. YoungInvestor

    Pembury Lifestyle Group (PEM)

    Yes, I see it closed at 20c but really its going to be up and down for a couple weeks with people frantically selling and then others buying... interested to see how it fairs in Q1 2019.
  12. YoungInvestor

    Pembury Lifestyle Group (PEM)

    I'm still holding in here. Already back up @ 30c. Long term position for me.
  13. YoungInvestor

    Overview of medical scheme increases for 2019

    Thanks Ranger. Great to see the range of increases.
  14. YoungInvestor

    Is Bitcoin Really All That???

    Nice never knew you could buy such little amounts GREAT to know!
  15. YoungInvestor

    Pembury Lifestyle Group (PEM)

  16. YoungInvestor

    Pembury Lifestyle Group (PEM)

  17. YoungInvestor

    EOH - fact or rumor

    Dropped back down now around 52 mark but still chuffed
  18. YoungInvestor

    EOH - fact or rumor

    Wish I had bought more.
  19. YoungInvestor

    EOH - fact or rumor

    EOH @ R55, bought @ R34. Dam im happy with that.
  20. YoungInvestor

    EOH - fact or rumor

    The low of the day was 26, just after I bought haha if only I got in then....
  21. YoungInvestor

    EOH - fact or rumor

    I bought in @34 this morning. Sitting @ 45 now but moving around ALOT, just couldn't resist
  22. YoungInvestor

    EOH - fact or rumor

    Anyone considering buying in @ these low levels? Since share valued @ around R120?
  23. YoungInvestor

    Stock Watch Thread

    Why is the market punishing them so much? Not clear at all...
  24. YoungInvestor

    Stock Watch Thread

    Anyone considering buying EOH considering share valued around R120 per share?
  25. YoungInvestor

    What are you listening to right now?

    What a song!