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  1. Yes Stanlib have about 4 levels of fees but their are a few overseas Unit Trust I like that are getting amazing returns. For me 10x is an amazing company and platform as well as the usual suspects like Satrix and Codeshares.
  2. Hi Lentil. I have bought a couple thousand in TrustCo. Love the Namibian market at the moment and their mix of holdings. Results seemed to be good as well. I like these guys but VERY liquid and share price moves alot.
  3. Agreed... Regretting buying in the IPO... Learnt my lesson on this one
  4. See link https://www.capitecbank.co.za/bankbetterlivebetter/articles/using-your-credit-card
  5. Hi Ranger, I believe it's when you have a debit balance on your credit card, they will give you that interest rate. They even advise depositing your salary into your credit card on their website, strange, but with interest like that on a positive balance I would
  6. Yes, I see it closed at 20c but really its going to be up and down for a couple weeks with people frantically selling and then others buying... interested to see how it fairs in Q1 2019.
  7. I'm still holding in here. Already back up @ 30c. Long term position for me.
  8. What are your guys thoughts on Steller?
  9. Nice never knew you could buy such little amounts GREAT to know!
  11. Dropped back down now around 52 mark but still chuffed
  12. EOH @ R55, bought @ R34. Dam im happy with that.
  13. The low of the day was 26, just after I bought haha if only I got in then....
  14. I bought in @34 this morning. Sitting @ 45 now but moving around ALOT, just couldn't resist
  15. Anyone considering buying in @ these low levels? Since share valued @ around R120?
  16. Why is the market punishing them so much? Not clear at all...
  17. Anyone considering buying EOH considering share valued around R120 per share?
  18. Me too, im in it for the ride[THUMBS UP SIGN]
  19. Yup I too am thinking of adding SATEMG to my portfolio soon, gives great exposure to the eastern world.
  20. Looks like some more good news for Pembury. Hoping 2018 is going to be a great year for them.
  21. @tourist, awesome news, welcome
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