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  1. Bidorbuy is as easy as pie... (ok, when you stopped cringing, click here): https://www.bidorbuy.co.za/blackfriday (prettier version: https://m.bidorbuy.co.za/blackfriday) Can't be 100% sure but they'll probably host the actual deals on https://www.bidorbuy.co.za/static/deals/ (prettier version: https://m.bidorbuy.co.za/static/deals/ )
  2. Guess that makes sense. Comes down to affordability. I reckon 30 years is fine as long as you can meet more than the repayment right now and fairly sure you can up it even more in the coming years.
  3. What would be the point of opting for 30 years instead of 20 if you're planning to pay more anyway?
  4. Still the same, the only difference being that Vodacom hiked the prices. About R270 pm and I get something like R350 funds on the account. I buy data with it, the rest goes to phone calls. Still have about R800 extra on my account which is a good indication that I can go even cheaper, which I will. Contract is about to expire but the iPhone 8 is still going strong.
  5. FWIW: I've heard that the best time to renegotiate your interest rate is after two years of bond repayments.
  6. Not that I'm the biggest crypto fan, but if it drops below R6k I'm buying more DCX10 than I usually would.
  7. So I ended up doing this: PTXTEN 16% ETFGRE 18% STXWDM 41% ETF5IT 25%
  8. Maybe if we are lucky, the man himself @SimonPB can give you an answer.
  9. STXEMG + STXWDM = ASHGEQ Well more or less...
  10. Well, I missed out on the "big dividends" (holding thumbs for end of the year): https://www.sharenet.co.za/free/sens/disp_news.phtml?tdate=20191003120600&seq=33&scheme=default R0.11 per share
  11. Time to reclaim those transaction costs!
  12. Yeah, not convinced GLODIV for a TFSA. In fact you raise a good point about the offshore ETFs. All the REITs and dividends that get paid out will be taxed there. So either go for capital growth or local dividend paying funds. PTXTEN is a done deal (I moved the CSP500 to it this morning).
  13. So it's that time of the year again. I'm bored and prone to messing around with something that works. Buying a house wrecked my saving powers for a bit now I'm fortunate enough to top up my TFSA for the year. I already missed out on making any contributions last year because of said house and really didn't want a repeat. So with everything back on track I log into EasyEquities to take a good look at what my account is doing. I knew it was doing well but it is still nice to see a portfolio with everything in the green. Just goes to show: like nature conservation, time plus less human contact is about the best thing you can do for your investments. With that being said, let's change things! (I'm an anarchist). Over the last few years I moved everything to offshore ETFs. Considering my house, RA and pension all being very much exposed to SA I think it is a good idea to get maximum offshore exposure with your other investments. Currently it looks like this: CSP500 (stopped contributing to it in favour of STXWDM) STXWDM STXNDQ (30%) Knowing very well what I just said about international exposure, I thought about introducing PTXTEN back into the mix. CoreShares will amalgamate this and PTXSPY into a new ETF in the near future (not exactly sure of the date) and the changes they are making looks good to me. There's also the ETF5IT ETF from Stanlib which looks more tech concentrated than STXNDQ and maybe it is worth investing in GLODIV instead of STXWDM (the reason: although not a lot, it does pay some dividends and performance is not that far off the MSCI World). It is not heavy on tech stocks at all but STXNDQ/ETF5IT makes up for that. I can sell everything in my TFSA, start again and come up with something like this: PTXTEN / SA Property - 30% GLODIV / Offshore - 45% EFT5IT / Tech - 25% But because I may not want to incur extra cost for selling off (too many) funds in place of others, maybe something like this makes more sense: STXWDM (freeze it) and start contributing the GLODIV PTXTEN (in favour of the CSP500 already in there) STXNDQ (freeze it) and start contributing to EFT5IT ....told you it was the silly season
  14. Nice. Could use something new in the top 40
  15. https://techcentral.co.za/jse-now-has-a-listed-cannabis-stock-as-labat-turns-to-pot/92357/
  16. JSE: LAB https://www.google.com/search?q=jse:+lab&tbm=fin Got some for 58c. Will probably go up in smoke but might reach a very nice high.
  17. Bandit

    JSE Top 40 Data

    Unless you collect it yourself or ask somebody like Patrick at InvestorChallenge who maybe has it (via an ETF like STX40), you'll unfortunately have to ask the JSE... ....and the JSE doesn't do anything unless you pay them: https://www.jse.co.za/content/JSEFormsItems/Historical Data Order Form.pdf https://www.cmegroup.com/market-data/third-party-data-johannesburg-stock-exchange.html
  18. You can buy half a pure bred Chihuahua from a breeder for R1499.
  19. Bandit

    FNB eBucks

    Use your credit card when shopping and paying for stuff and settle it at the end of the month. If you are buying something online, for example, you often have the option of paying via EFT. If you do you'll get no eBucks for it. Use your credit card for everything. You can maximise earnings even more by getting revolving loans and overdrafts. Don't fall for it - no debt trap is worth more eBucks.
  20. I was just "stirring" Friendships and relationships take heavy strain between 25-35.
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