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    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Brendan, welcome and this is amazing! Exactly what you are talking about is what I would love to do, but no idea where to start on the forex side to be able to do day trading and swing trading would love to do this as my main source of income as well one day, so if you have any tips how you start or doing it, it would be appreciated
  2. Great! makes a lot of sense now, thank you so much for explaining, much appreciated! I guess you then just gain benefit from the dividends in the long run as well? For either re-investing or taking for yourself.
  3. @SaurusDNA Also thanks for this, I am also not as clued up with where to invest in, so I've been using this method here and diversify to invest like this currently. Also another questions I am unsure off, do you guys just invest and let it go... or do you guys sell high and buy low constantly, not sure what is the best method with Stocks and Bonds or the method?
  4. Yea no problem at all, just thought I'll share it with people.. they can do their own research on this and see if they want to try it or not, but the last thing I want to do is have people complaining about it back and forth here. Use it.. don't use it. It's risky.. so invest money you are willing to lose for sure.
  5. Interesting Watch below.. and there is a lot of these people saying the same. use it don't use it everyone for themselves, like I've said I am going in this, I have a strong feeling about it The Truth About BitConnect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCXFK7DVaWA
  6. I have a strong feeling with BitConnect, just thought to share it.. and who knows it might be something good or not.. everyone can decide for themselves, I've put in a junk of $ so let's see how far I can get.
  7. Could be.. check the marketing material out, and also when you have time check some youtube videos, a lot of people trust BitConnect, there are a lot of other High Risk platforms out there which people also invest in that gives you 5% - 10% Daily Interest.. but because BitConnect have their own Coin and have been around since Jan.. and people have been meeting them seems bit less like a scam.. but worth checking.
  8. Check this out as well.. Get more of an Idea how it works. Marketing BitConnect Coin Presentation: https://bitconnect.co/upload/present...=1578158974854 BitConnect Lending Presentation: https://bitconnect.co/upload/present...=1578158974854
  9. MOD NOTE: The links below could either be to a source of a very lucrative opportunity or a scam. Please make sure of the facts, do your own research (the poster provided a few links to get you started) and be sure you understand what it does, how it works and the risks involved. The basic rules of investing apply: If you don't understand it, don't do it. -------------------- original post -------------------- Not sure if anyone have been watching BitConnect yet.. it is currently ranked 13th on the CryptoCurrency list and has started beginning of this year and the value has been a few cents then... it's been climbing all the way to $111 at this very moment.. and have a market cap of $714,136,108 right now, check the below link for proof https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitconnect/ - Big things to come with BitConnect! So there are three ways to make money with them.. 1) Mining 2) Exchange Trading 3) Invest your BitConnect Coin and make daily interest which average 1% Daily and get it back in BitConnect coin which you can re-invest.. or pull it out and exchange back to Bitcoin. Marketing BitConnect Coin Presentation: https://bitconnect.co/upload/present...=1578158974854 BitConnect Lending Presentation: https://bitconnect.co/upload/present...=1578158974854 Check them out for sure.. I've been doing some research and is quiet trusted by many people, go watch some youtube video's etc.. Min Investment is $100 and then you start with 1% Daily interest.. pretty amazing, also you get your original investment back after 299 Days.. the more you invest the quicker you get your money back. If you guys have any questions please ask, and please if you going to sign up please use my referral link if you don't mind, click the link below to take you to the site. Please use my Referral Link below if you going to sign up https://bitconnect.co/?ref=wghewitt
  10. Thank you for the feedback, Will surely keep the shares then and not withdraw, I do invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum as well.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! ETFs are in my TFSA Portfolio.
  12. I have the following Equities: Nu-World (Only One in Green), Capitec, Discovery, PLG Schools, Ecsponent Limited, African Phoenix Investments Limited, Visual International Holdings Limited Also have 3x ETF's mentioned in the E-Book for TFSA. Have about 10K Invested with EE.. so not sure if I should rather leave it or pull out, but then i'll make R400 Loss if I pull out now.
  13. Quick question.. would you guys pull out all your EE shares even though 90% of mine is in the Red since this Junk Status.. or is their still chance it will go up again and when? Or will it continue to go down, I have R400 Loss.. probably not much but still not sure what to do.. keep and hope it will go up again or pull out now before it gets worse? Reason for asking is.. Would you rather take the money out and put it towards your Bond Payment on your Home Loan.
  14. Great work! This is truely something to help people with.
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