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  1. Hi @Muhammad_Shakeel, welcome to the forum! Enjoy your stay here!
  2. Hi Shirou, thanks. I'm hoping to do a longer thread soon on how I started with forex and some resources I use. I am by no means an expert or guru so keep that in mind. Not sure how much you have learnt so far but for now I suggest going through this website " https://www.babypips.com/learn/forex ". This should give you a good foundation to start with on forex and they make it pretty fun, certain areas might apply to crypto and traditional markets as well, but this is mostly dealing with forex. Each and every trader has there own "fine tuned" method of finding entries and exits with
  3. Hi all. I had joined here in March of 2017, but don't think I ever did a proper introduction. I live in KZN on the North Coast for now. I started realizing the need to get into investing, diversifying and saving some capital instead of living pay check to pay check which dwindles before your eyes in our current economy. I started with Easy Equities in 2017, investing in some companies with a percentage of my salary I could afford to loose. Then trading and charts got the better of me and I started learning the ropes via online resources and trial and error, I feel fairly confident with te
  4. Could this volume have been an earlier sign or signal?
  5. Very cool, I had got in a little higher at 58c, I remember it going lower after I bought some. I'll just leave it there for now. Rightfully so, I'm not heavy in any ETF's, only a few stocks so I cannot advise at the moment. This last year I've been researching all forms of trading from forex to crypto and learnt so much it's unreal... With those gains I'm hoping to continually add to my Easy Equities portfolio investing in local companies, or some ETF's yes.
  6. I'm still holding some AXL since early last year. Albeit a small amount, I was testing the waters back then.
  7. Just a question, if you can use Luno to trade, why does the charts only show up to 30 minutes? and it seems very basic too. Does one use a site such as Tradingview in conjunction with Luno?
  8. Brendan


    Hello, welcome here. Don't be afraid to ask questions like me.
  9. Is Luno good for "day trading" bitcoin? Is this what is was designed for or more just a wallet? Where would the best place be to start experimenting?
  10. I bought a small amount yesterday, still getting my feet wet with all this trading and investing .
  11. These are some shots I took at the Anti Zuma Protest in Ballito. Hope I 'm aloud to post a link. It's a facebook Album. A share would be cool.
  12. Could someone elaborate a bit on CRD? It is very cheap. Do you think something may happen here soon?
  13. What is going on with TAW? Any specific reason? I bought a few shares with real money a few days ago just to learn the ropes. Looks exciting!
  14. Ok, Thanks guys. I guess I was a bit confused about when you sell whether you can choose which account to use, but I guess it will use the account you bought from. I will deposit more into my TFSA account and rather do it properly from the start. Again thank you.
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