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  1. How high will bitcoin go? Will it breach R30k mark? It has proved it with R10K & R20K.[NECKTIE] Sent from my A1013R using Tapatalk
  2. Definitely will look into it. Sent from my A1013R using Tapatalk
  3. ADAPT IT, I seen it's going back to its 2014 levels now. Sent from my A1013R using Tapatalk
  4. Taste Holdings[FEARFUL FACE][WEARY FACE][WEARY FACE] I bought when their share price is at it's high level 300c now I am stuck with 178c value. Sent from my A1013R using Tapatalk
  5. Really insightful ideas. Been thinking for offering bookkeeping services to small businesses but i have challenge how i will market the service. Website or classified ad not sure which will work.
  6. I see quite alot of analyst's keep hinting at Consolidation infrastructure group (CIG).
  7. Through MyBB and also was interested in the fund that was established months back.
  8. Shoprite and Steinhoff are combining their Africa operations into one entity. Mmmh it was expected since Christo hinted that Shoprite and Steinhoff make perfect marriage.
  9. Update: Cell C doesn’t need to raise $600m - Cell C no longer needs to issue a bond to raise money, which would have trimmed its borrowings to R8 billion, its future 45 percent parent says. In early October, Blue Label Telecoms said it would pay R5.5 billion for a 45 percent stake in debt-laden Cell C. The deal is part of Cell C's efforts to pay down debts which last year forced it into a restructuring with bondholders involving a three-year maturity extension to July 2018. As part of the deal, Cell C was going to raise $600 million on the international bond market. Blue Labe
  10. I hear curro is planning private university.
  11. Yes, I still do and i have been hoping that rand will slump so i can exit.
  12. Do you think we will be downgraded? Astoria and DBX WD have been pulling my portfolio to red territory.[LOUDLY CRYING FACE][LOUDLY CRYING FACE]
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