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DBX Japan (DBxJP)

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I have had the DbxJP ETF now since late 2013 and it has been a stunning ETF, but this past year the shine seemed to wear off and now I am just wondering where I can get more information about the Japanese Economy and what impacts them since I will be honest I bought this eft back then without much knowledge just based on recommendations and I was lucky as this was a stunning performer, but now being a little bit more grown up and having slightly more money at my disposal I want to learn/ understand more about this ETF and what makes it tick.


Do any of you own JSE : DBxJP


Benchmark Index

The Index is a free float-adjusted market capitalisation index that is designed to measure developed market equity performance in Japan, representing companies with a total market capitalisation of approximately US$3 trillion. The MSCI Japan Index is recognised as a barometer of the Japanese economy and as the holder of db x-trackers MSCI Japan Index ETF; an investor will essentially track the Japanese equity markets.


Top 10 holdings



Sector allocation


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