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    Pembury Lifestyle Group (PEM)

    All those who got in, must be smiling to the bank
  2. IAmMaboyi

    Trader Summit 2018

    Delphine Govender, she with Perpetua Investment Managers
  3. Does anyone know the code for the FTSE/JSE all share index or the FTSE/JSE top 40 index on google finance, struggling to find it.
  4. IAmMaboyi

    Long 4 Life

    For now the range is between R5 and R4.5, after the Chill announcement.
  5. IAmMaboyi

    Kumba Iron Ore or Exxaro?

    Keep with exxaro, since owing it will provide you with exposure to KIO
  6. IAmMaboyi

    Long 4 Life

    Looks like they will produce positive synergy with bottle company the acquired earlier, but that leaves them with close 1.5bln in cash
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    Lol, dont wanna fill the forum with hello...
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    Hello, I am also new here