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  1. I hold Naspers and see the following upside If the ecommerce takes off they will make big bucks but this is a big risk. Will get shares in Multichoice I see this as an African play as the SA market is shrinking with all the competition. They are taking a big bet on fast food delivery. The downside is the value is all in Ten cent and with 30%+ are they able to extract value from that?
  2. Mbulelo Thanks for explaining. This will make investing a bit less risky.
  3. That is great that definitions are widely interpreted as Resilient claim there is no deception. What would happen now if Steinhoff shares are bought and they declare bankruptcy or do you not cover high risk shares? This is an excellent way to protect your capital. Do you have any examples of a claim payout and how the payout was calculated?
  4. What is the definition of deceptive and misleading acts? Would the Resilient meltdown be covered? The other share is EOH would that be considered a misleading act?
  5. Thanks for the info, it may have been an interesting indicator as to the expected price in the future. Back to the crystal ball.
  6. Here is a article on shorts in Capitec Where do the journalists get this info?
  7. Hi does anyone know if JSE records short sales and if this is readily available to us small investors?
  8. What a stupid headline what race was the bank in to win a licence? The body does make sense "Bank Zero, a new play by Michael Jordaan and Yatin Narsai, is the latest banking venture to receive a provisional license from the South African Reserve Bank (Sarb)." This is good news for us consumers. I had to get a new capitec card in and out of Capitec in 10 minutes with a new card compared to the hassle FNB put you through the banks do need a big shake up.
  9. Have a look at mafiabuzz.co.za read the buzzes and the weekly newsflash. I have done the course and it worked for me.
  10. I have 16 shares in my portfolio no ETFs. I am trying to see if the market can be beat by focusing on the FINDI 30 shares minus the dogs in there. Lets see if that works. It will take a while.
  11. I like Blue Label, they are in the lower end of the market. They have businesses in Mexico and India not yet profitable but could make a fortune there. The CellC deal could make or break them, and the "black" ownership requirement could be problematic. I have some and prefer them to Vodacom. MTN has too many problems. I have 4.5% of my portfolio in them so i am prepared for an interesting ride.
  12. Only 4 of the 16 stocks held are up today biggest hits Capitec and shoprite. Market does not like the SNH restructuring with shoprite, anyone have insight into that?
  13. Have a look at Profmed I am on the hospital plan and it works for me.
  14. Has anyone on the forum invested in ATB? What is your opinion of ATB?
  15. This tickled me, why not send a fax by post?
  16. @Ranger How is this going? How long does it take to assemble a rig and setup all the software and networking?
  17. Ianf

    Backend of Cryptocoins

    Hi Guys I got a comprehensive reply. You can check out the whole reply in the link I posted above.
  18. Ianf

    Backend of Cryptocoins

    This seems to answer my questions I will keep on looking to see how total amount always tally.
  19. Ianf

    Backend of Cryptocoins

    I found a forum that seem to be clued up on the blockchain. A topic was started by me on this. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1926096.msg19111936#msg19111936 It seems that there is no totals checked on the blockchain. What was interesting was the mechanism of creating the miners fee in the block. It is a struggle for me to understand new things.
  20. Thanks Quintus it worked! If it is a 10 bagger it will be worth a lot.
  21. Ianf

    Backend of Cryptocoins

    Spreadsheet ranger Thanks for explaining , so the blockchain is one massive ledger with more bitcoins added by mining. But how do bitcoiners know what the total number of bitcoins issued are and is there check against the bitcoins issued vs. the total of bitcoins in the ledger?
  22. Ianf

    Backend of Cryptocoins

    I have been searching and can't find an answer to the totals question is there a forum where the community hangs out with the controller?
  23. Ianf

    Backend of Cryptocoins

    Thanks James, Being trying to read a bit more, but still I struggle. I think that a bitcoin doesn't have a unique number and is just added to a wallet when created, what is encrypted is the wallet and transaction which is then locked down each time a block is completed. How is the total of bitcoins checked? It just seems that transactions are checked and agreed upon then locked, who checks and how is the total bitcoins issued checked? Or is it controlled only at issue?
  24. The subject of how cryptocoins work puzzles me. An example is when a new bitcoin is mined does it have a unique serial number? When you buy bitcoins say 0.035 how does the system which bitcoin that came from? Or doesn't that matter. Are the blocks only used recording of transactions rather than what happens to each bitcoin? This is quite a ramble I trying to get my mind around this and not getting any answers from googling.
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