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    Would You Recommend Bitcoin?

    I'm more of a traditional investor, but can agree that one should not discount crypto currencies. The technology behind the currencies seem to be solid. I still haven't found an exchange where I feel 100% confident to buy/trade crypto. Any suggestions? I'm a big fan of EasyEquities, so anything close to that user experience will be first prize.
  2. ThinusM86

    Stock Watch Thread

    Hi all. I was using MoneyWeb (as a free subscriber) as a stock watch tool. It seems that they want you to now pay for this service... Any other suggestions/websites that are user friendly to build a simple stock watchlist? Thanks
  3. ThinusM86

    Stock Watch Thread

    Hi all. What do you make of the AdaptIT's (JSE:ADI) results?
  4. ThinusM86

    The Bitcoin thread

    "Last year I spent 8 months traveling in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Laos." Very nice! Clearly I'm in the wrong profession...
  5. ThinusM86

    The Bitcoin thread

    The whole crypto currency concept is still very new to me and I'm a bit unsure/skeptical due to my lack of experience. One question: Using a platform/product like Luno, can one simply buy and sell Bitcoin for speculative gain? So, following the traditional share investing model, can the same be done with Bitcoin, or, should you spend it at some point, as it is a currency?
  6. ThinusM86

    Stock Watch Thread

  7. ThinusM86

    Stock Watch Thread

    Hi all. Does anyone have an analysis or opinion on Ellies (JSE:ELI)? Although it is a share I would not have touched in recent times, I have had it on my watchlist for a while, and, it seems that they are steadily increasing in value. Thanks.
  8. ThinusM86

    Stock Watch Thread

    Does anybody have an opinion on Finbond (JSE:FGL)?
  9. ThinusM86

    S&P 500 coming to SA

    Thanks Albert - I was on my way to post this link as well, but see that you beat me to it!
  10. ThinusM86

    Tax returns

    Hi. I have also submitted mine - had no issues and were almost refunded immediately. If you submitted everything for the audit, it might be something as simple SARS wanting to confirm your banking details. I've seen this a few times in the past...