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  1. https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/segwit2x-opponents-sound-off-metronome/amp/ Anyone heard of this new cryptocurrency before? It sounds like it could be quite interesting
  2. https://businesstech.co.za/news/technology/206633/4sight-buys-engineering-technology-company-for-r54-8-million/ Getting more and more excited!
  3. I've been doing some research and I may be wrong. From what I have gathered, an ETN basically backs or works with commodities traded (correct?). Since people have said that Bitcoin is more like a commodity, do you think it's possible to have an ETN that is linked to the price of Bitcoin or other cryptos?
  4. Can anything be done with the leaked information? Like identity theft or something along those lines?
  5. You can buy litecoin straight off of Ice3x.com. They're South African and their platform is quite nice. You can still shift it using gatehub but you'll have to store it in a wallet and then shift it back to Bitcoin and send it to luno or another exchange if you want to sell it in the future
  6. I'd say leave it and forget about it. It's going to cost more fees to transfer to Cex (or maybe not) then cost more to convert or send it back. I did this with Jaxx once and lost half of what I initially sent it. It's not worth the mission in my opinion. What you might be able to do is see if you can change the mining fees to "low" and see if that adjusts the minimum.
  7. Already wishing I dropped more cash on them...
  8. https://www.sharenet.co.za/v3/sens_display.php?tdate=20171017135900&seq=42&scode=
  9. 4Sight are going to use the IPO to acquire a few other companies as well so hopefully once listed this will increase their values
  10. Ok okay that makes sense now! It's a pity FNB won't hear you out on this...
  11. Let's hope it all goes to plan tomorrow. Everything else in the process seems to have been delayed.
  12. I don't want to seem like a noob or anything, but wouldn't banking your change on a credit card essentially be the same as taking out a loan and then putting it into your savings account? Unless you mean it as banking your change while using your credit card linked straight to your cheque account. I use the bank my change on my FNB debit card. It's quite impressive looking at how much you can save with it. The saved funds go straight to my linked savings account (5.6% or something like that). The TFSA at FNB is only 5.9% so there's not too much of a difference. And if I feel like it I j
  13. Luno is only for Bitcoin so it's not going to help with ethereum.
  14. Do you think I should buy into Pembury now at this price?
  15. When you purchase shares in a company, you're essentially buying part ownership. You buy into the growth and demise of the company. So if the company does well, you do well. No company listed is likely to experience massive growth over night. So you can't expect massive gains on your investment. Investing in shares is completely different than your car wash machine example. If you want the type of gains you get from owning something, then buy all means, go and buy yourself a company. I don't think you understand that companies need good cash flow and capital to run and survive. The
  16. If you want a monthly payout so badly just get an annuity. The lump sum required will probably be quite high but you'll get your monthly. It's quite difficult to get monthly payouts from an investment- and if you do they'll be a small fraction of the original investment.
  17. Bought into 4Sight as well. Do you think there will be liquidity problems because of the listing on AltX?
  18. Hellooo everyone I've been trading in Luno for a while now, but I still watch Ice3X to see their market price of bitcoin. Every now and then I notice extreme outliers in the price. Has anyone else notice this? For example, if you look at the exchanges history, the price of bitcoin instantly shoots up to exorbitant amounts ( such as R100 000 per Bitcoin) and then drops to market averages. I've also seen some buy orders filled at around R100 per Bitcoin. Do you think that this is just a system glitch or are people actually trading at these ridiculous amounts?
  19. Did you have to pay any transfer fees to send from wallet to wallet or did you find a way around this ( I.e. Send it to an email address) ?
  20. So if you offer to sell above market price, no one will want to buy from you because they can get a better price at market price. You will have to wait for price to increase above your offer for it to sell. If you offer to buy at below market rates, no one will want to sell to you because they can just sell it at market rate for a better price. The above mentioned is called market making. You're essentially "betting" on what the price of Bitcoin will rise or fall to. No fees are charged on these "bets". If you offer to buy at above market rate, everyone will want to sell to yo
  21. Is anyone else having problems registering with ice3x? I want to check out what they're like but I can't get in.
  22. Yes it was on medium. Will a mining fee on low ever get processed? I hear it can take days sometimes if the fee is not sufficient.
  23. Hey everyone. I've developed quite an interest for cryptocurrencies lately. The only downfall I've noticed is the extremely high mining fees (especially in relation to small value transactions). Has anyone else experienced this? I tried to buy some Ether on Jaxx for about R120 (in bitcoins) only to see that about a third would go to mining fees
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