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  1. So now that the 7th of September has passed, does it mean PLG will be delisted? Or can the JSE still make a consideration to extend the deadline?
  2. Just do a lot of research on your ICO and know that most of them, even the potentially successful ones, fail...
  3. I hope they haven’t received a qualified audit opinion or something of the sort.
  4. Thank you very much, that’s helped a lot. And they do seem like a very good investment. I have heard a lot of good things about them and a recent article about how they are increasing their capacity or something like that was the perfect sign that it was time for me to buy.
  5. I’ve been thinking about buying a few mondi shares and I’ve noticed that they’re listed twice- once as Mondi Ltd and another as Mondi Plc. They both appear to be similar with the same share price and movement. So does anyone know the difference between these two listings?
  6. They should have done a better job of keeping shareholders informed about what is going on. I don’t see why this information couldn’t have been released a few weeks, or even months, ago...
  7. I don’t know how everybody else feels, but I’d personally look for shares with good value and the potential to grow quite well. Whether they’re cheap or not shouldn’t make a difference because you can buy a super cheap share, but it could be absolutely useless. I’d favor expensive shares with greater growth. Especially on easy equities with their fractional share rights.
  8. Didn’t know where else to put this. But I thought it was quite interesting. Surely this would have quite a positive effect on Naspers? Spotify's market debut is worth billions for Tencent and Sony http://money.cnn.com/2018/04/04/technology/spotify-ipo-tencent-sony-stake/index.html
  9. https://www.moneyweb.co.za/mny_sens/4sight-holdings-limited-fairness-opinion-on-the-acquisition-of-foursight-holdings-limited-and-its-subsidiaries/ Would someone mind explaining what this means?
  10. Bittrex is quite a decent exchange. You just can’t purchase with Zar. So you have to buy bitcoin or ethereum and transfer it to your bittrex account. It offers a lot of altcoins as well
  11. I just bought some Shoprite (22% drop) so kind of similar
  12. I saw this price yesterday and thought I should buy some more. I bought and it said I had bought at 31c...Turns out that the 27c is what you could sell your shares for on EE. I then proceeded to get very confused and grumpy and logged off
  13. So is this mt5 trading platform just like a platform to buy and sell shares etc? I’ve heard of GT247 but not too familiar with it.
  14. “If you're interested in global exposure (and I know most of us are!) then you may have heard of BlackRock, or noticed their ETFs on our platform. BlackRock is an American global investment management corporation based in New York City and the world's largest asset manager. Yep, they are like the bomb. Today BlackRock is giving the EasyEquities community an opportunity to participate in the private placement of the Blackrock Greater Europe Investment Trust PLC (BRGE's). This trust is focussed on achieving capital growth primarily through investment of large, mid, and small capitalisation
  15. Anyone taking up that new European etf private placement that EastEquities just announced?
  16. I had bch from the fork, almost had it at quadruple the original value. Luno, however wasn’t really prepared for this and wouldn’t let me sell it off. Sending Bch from Luno to another wallet also takes up to a full business day. So no, I couldn’t sell any of it [emoji107]
  17. Yeah same. I think they still have some more stuff to get through so hopefully interest picks up again
  18. I can’t believe 4Sight is dropping so much [emoji23]
  19. I guess it shows how integrated Bitcoin is becoming! I think I may actually do that.
  20. I thought about that but I’ll have to see [emoji29]
  21. I think it’s going to tank to around 88 000 - 90 000 and then recover again
  22. No, my mate is buying something for me and sending it over. The thing is I can’t use any online payments to pay for it so I have to get the cash to him somehow
  23. Anyone have any recommendations on how to send money to an American bank account? Preferably low fees.
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