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  1. A good read on the sudden departure of Dos Santos by stepping down as CEO and being replaced by Craigie Stevenson, the group’s COO. https://www.businesslive.co.za/fm/fm-fox/2019-03-07-profile-what-to-know-about-cell-cs-interim-ceo-douglas-craigie-stevenson/
  2. Some easier to digest results for Blue Label. (from itrade)
  3. Like @Scorcher mentioned you can use https://www.tymecoach.co.za (TymeBank's service) to get a free credit score and some other useful stuff as well.
  4. If you take Cell C away then blue label is a money printing growth machine. The stock is incredibly cheap if they turn Cell C around. If they don't ... it might still be cheap.
  5. I still have shares in Taste Holdings, down 90% so I really do not care anymore, I practically wrote it off as school fees. I won't follow the rights offer, I do not fully understand what the consequences of that will be.
  6. I did not listen to the whole budget, was away. I see businessinsider reported that government will give first-time buyers subsidies through its Our Help to Buy scheme. Anyone know where I can get info on this "Help to Buy scheme", I tried google'ing but could not find much.
  7. I hope we see/get something exciting, but I suspect all we will get is a higher fuel levy and an increased sin tax.
  8. Probably in anticipation of the launch of the bank and the possible fallout from Solidarity regarding the excluding of whites in their black only share scheme? All I know is that I am very excited for their new bank next month. I think it is fair to assume most discovery medical aid (expensive) holders are banking with FNB/ABSA/Standard Bank and thus Discovery will shakeup the big banks whilst TymeBank and BankZero will shakeup Capitec and Nedbank. All in all we should enjoy lower fees accross the system for banking, I hope.
  9. Money is in Yesterday I transferred money from Capitec to TymeBank via an EFT at 7 pm (11 Feb 2019) the money reflected now in my TymeBank account at 7 pm (12 Feb 2019) so it took 24 hours, not impressive, but I think that has more to do with Bankserv than it has to do with TymeBank. Login page Tymebank online banking dashboard Tymebank everyday account overview Tymebank transaction details Underlying code observation The Tymebank online banking interface is incredibly smooth in terms of the layout, it's build using an off the shelf framework called Bootstrap v3.3.7, which means they used an open source front-end with some custom modifications (very startup-ish, but I like their implementation it's clean and relatively fast.). I think they are using Microsoft Azure for some data and then AWS as the main system (which explains the slow latency since the server is not in SA) and then it seems they host some of the services as a herokuapp cloud application as well, probably testing (an API of TymeBank: https://internet-banking.herokuapp.com/api) the production system I think sits on Azure and AWS (aws: ibauthprox.tymedigital.co.za and Azure: cbsaweb-sit.northeurope.cloudapp.azure.com) Potential Security Risk Besides the latency (Slow response) the only real issue I have is that they do not request a pin or OTP after you login to the website, so because their site remembers your ID and password it means if your laptop or pc gets stolen, your bank is compromised. Ditto for anyone using a public computer to access their TymeBank bank account, if you use a public PC consider your TymeBank bank account compromised.
  10. Trying vegan for a few days. Saled made with cucumber, lettuce, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and some olive oil (trace amounts).
  11. I decided to give TymeBank (TymeDigital) a try today. I am very excited for Michael Jordaan's BankZero, but TymeBank beat them to the punch and launch the first fully digital branchless bank. There were some initial hiccups with their website not working, but overall the experience was incredibly smooth. To open a TymeBank bank account simply sign up online through their website (Click here to open a TymeBank account). This process is incredibly simplified through the use of eFica they are able to FICA you without any documents all you need is your ID number (just the number, you type it into the website) and a cell phone (for OTPs and confirmations) then you set a pin and you are done, you now have a fully fledged bank account. There is a catch... In order to activate and get a debit card (visa debit card), you need to go into a Pick n Pay to the TymeBank kiosk. Take your cell phone with because when you log into the Kiosk it will send an OTP to your phone. All you need to do at the kiosk is scan your thumb fingerprints then your account will be fully verified and the machine will print your debit card. This entire process took me less than 10 minutes, registering online took 3 minutes and printing my card at the Kiosk took 4 minutes. After this, I downloaded the TymeBank app from the google play store and its impressive, very neat layout and functional. In fact, I like their app better than Capitec (and I have been using Capitec since 2008). Their app still needs some work, I think they are using some AWS instance not locally so the lag time on the app is noticeable (latency from whatever region they use), but its nothing major. Why did I get a TymeBank bank account? There are zero monthly fees, so I figured if it does not cost me anything to open the account and it does not cost me anything to have the account then why not. Something to note, SMS on TymeBank are free too, other banks should take not, especially Capitec, I know they make a killing on SMSes. The other drawcard for me was the integration with Pick n Pay (although their staff is completely clueless about how Tyme works, I went to two Pick n Pays and neither one's staff had a clue what to do when you want to add funds). Anyway, the reason I like it is that I shop mostly at Pick 'n Pay and with a TymeBank account, you can get double the smart shopper points if you use the card as your payment method and using it to swipe for the smart shopper instead of the blue pick 'n pay card. The other reason I got the account is for the interest. You get 6% interest from day one and if you leave your money you can get up to 10% interest, so I will put a few thousand bucks into this account and just leave it to earn interest, basically extra cash I will put into TymeBank as I will earn almost double the interest I get from Capitec. Another worthwhile note is that all TymeBank account holders get free wifi at all Pick n Pay and Boxer stores, not that I really need this, but for a bank account that does not cost me anything, it's a nice perk to know if I ever do run out of data I can pop into a Pick n Pay and be connected again. How to get money? It might not be obvious at first with all the digital bank and feeling like this is some special service. It's a normal bank account you get an account number so EFT some money to your TymeBank bank account. If you have cash on hand then you can go to any Pick 'n Pay. It will cost you R4 at Pick n Pay to deposit cash into your TymeBank account, which is alright. Pro Tip: The people at Pick 'n Pay will have no idea how to do it, so to avoid boiling your blood tell them this is a normal online deposit (they should understand what that means). Here is the card I got: This is a fully fledged debit card (visa), you can do online payments everything, there are no limits. The interesting bit, this card costs nothing. Capitec charged me R50 for my card.
  12. Personally, I won't touch multichoice just because they screwed over too many South Africans and played a part in the Gupta ordeal. Now with that said, MultiChoice Group Limited (MCG) will include, amongst others, MultiChoice South Africa (MCSA), MultiChoice Africa, Showmax, as well as the global digital platform security provider, Irdeto and all their subsidiaries and affiliates. Irdeto is interesting, they essentially provide the security layer for cable network services like the operating system running on your DSTV console. What makes them interesting is that they also provide security for companies using open source software like Android on their set-top boxes, thus playing an important role in the MCG group since Comcast (Xfinity, a Nasdaq listed company) and the British free-to-air television channel ITV forms part of Irdeto's portfolio. They also play a role in securing IoT devices, which will take over when 5G is fully adopted in the next few years. As for MultiChoice South Africa (MCSA) if they lose SuperSport they lose their premium subscribers, the majority of their premium subscribers already have access to the internet (above 4Mbps) and thus can and will switch to Netflix. MultiChoice Africa will be the one to carry the group in my opinion, Africa is big and technology is slow. Internet access is limited and satellite often are the only way to reach these guys. Showmax should be the main focus on MCG, the internet is the future and streaming content and more specific, content on demand is the future. Developer skill is a major problem both for Showmax and DSTV Go at this stage, they are trying to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime, but neither Showmax nor DSTV Go has the technical ability to take these companies on, so I foresee a few years of poaching talent and upping spending (paying a premium) to higher better developers. Conclusion and personal bias aside, MCG has a lot of potential if they can lean up the company and focus on improving their technical ability, I am very interested to see their finances when they announce it.
  13. IO 2019 4/10 Better than the killing of a sacred deer and mother, but still a bad movie all around, bad acting (well was there even acting?), bad CGI (so assume low budget) and a rushed storyline. Would be better suited as a series and perhaps expanded the research for new life etc, but in all honesty, I think the story itself won't be sustainable either, so a series probably won't work. TL;DR The beginning is nice and reels you in and gets you to invest in the main character, Sam, only to be disappointed miserably as she is lifeless, and, towards the end, annoying even.
  14. 25 days is a bit short, not even a money market account imo. (welcome to the forum btw.)
  15. Following below is a selection of stocks that various industry professionals have picked to be their shares to buy for 2018. Please note this post in no ways endorses their selection of JSE stocks to invest in, but that is to be seen as an informative post for you to use in your own research. Mr Price - (JSE:MRP) Sasol - (JSE:SOL) Life Healthcare - (JSE:LHC) Shoprite Holdings - (JSE:SHP) Telkom - (JSE:TKG) Woolworths - (JSE:WHL) British American Tobacco - (JSE:BTI) Wescoal - (JSE:WSL) Aspen Pharmacare - (JSE:APN) Distell - (JSE:DGH) City Lodge - (JSE:CLH) Coronation - (JSE:CML) Sources: https://businesstech.co.za/news/finance/291986/8-long-term-stock-picks-for-2019-and-beyond/ https://www.fin24.com/Finweek/Investment/five-shares-for-2019-20181218 http://www.702.co.za/features/1/money/articles/49/buy-these-three-stocks-if-you-love-large-dividends https://www.businessinsider.co.za/this-is-the-best-place-to-invest-r10000-now-experts-say-2018-5 https://www.moneyweb.co.za/moneyweb-radio/stocks-to-watch-in-2019/ https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/markets/2018-12-13-watch-stock-picks--sasol-and-jse-all-share-index/ http://www.capetalk.co.za/podcasts/201/the-best-of-the-money-show/172007/3-best-jse-shares-to-buy-at-the-start-of-2019 I want to add the Platinum Wealth Community picks as well. So suggest stocks that you believe will do great in 2018 and I will add them below. (I am adding L4L) Long4Life - (JSE:l4l) Discovery - (JSE:DSY) Dis-Chem - (JSE:DCP) KAP - (JSE:KAP) ... Type the name of the share followed by down vote and it will be removed from the community list.
  16. I am looking to add property to my portfolio again, in the past I owned PTXTEN, the TER on that ETF is 0.54% vs 0.25% for the Sygnia itrix global property ETF. What is the best property ETF to own going into 2019 for the next 10 years.
  17. South Africa’s gold is being stolen at an alarming rate and being sold overseas, according to a report in the Sunday Times. The report stated that organised crime syndicates are behind the looting and work in partnership with illegal miners. Research shows that in recent years tons of gold has been illicitly shipped out of the country, particularly between 2012 and 2016. “Dubai, for example, bought 34 tons of gold from SA in those four years,” stated the report. However, the sales do not show in South Africa’s trading account and are worth $1 billion. It was also estimated that the country’s economy loses around $1 billion each year thanks to illegal gold mining. The report further stated that reasons for the large illegal flows – on top of the illegal miners and crime syndicates – include the closure of the Sars illicit economy team. Illegal mining The source of the illegally-sold gold is illegal mining, which is a big problem in South Africa. The report quoted an illegal miner in Welkom who stated his group of workers sells 4kg of gold per month, while the area he works in produces around 40kg of gold per month via illegal mining. Gold is then smuggled out of South Africa to Mozambique and Swaziland, and then flown to Dubai and India. Illegal mining does more damage than the theft of gold, however. Transnet and Sasol recently came forward to warn of the potential of a disaster in Johannesburg as illegal miners use explosives to blast rock underground. The miners are coming “within metres” of gas and fuel lines under Johannesburg, which could cause a massive explosion in struck. There is also the risk of parts of the city collapsing due to a network of tunnels made by the miners. A 140km stretch of tunnels runs underneath areas such as the M1 highway and FNB Stadium. Reports state that the city has asked the government to help fight illegal mining, but has not received any assistance so far. Source: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/trending/290426-south-africas-gold-is-being-stolen-by-the-ton.html
  18. In a nutshell, I was impressed. Generally, I am not the biggest fan of Takealot, I know a thing or two about what happens behind the scenes and how they are burning cash left right and center. However, I needed a specific item for a Christmas gift. An item I could not find in store at Canal Walk nor Tygervalley mall, when I saw it on Takealot I decided to take the chance and give them a try. I logged into their website on my phone and noticed it’s just a responsive website. I think Takealot can do better, it’s 2019, responsive web design is coming to an end in the e-commerce space, they need to invest in changing their platform to a PWA (Progressive Web Apps). I think the era of people downloading dedicated apps for their online shopping is over, big e-commerce players overseas are all on PWA’s by now. PWAs, with a “Add to home screen” button, can be saved directly from the mobile web page. It lowers user acquisition costs and shortens the process. What’s more, the linkability of PWAs simplifies the sharing of information and favorite products among the users as the product page from a PWA can be copied as a link and used in any browser. Anyway, rant over, I added my credit card (Capitec) to my Takealot account and proceeded to add my item to my card and on the checkout screen, I selected to pick up instead of delivery. This was on 21st of December on the morning of the 22nd a Saturday I got an email saying my item is ready for collection at the Takealot warehouse in Milnerton. When I got to the warehouse there were more than 100 people from what I could count, yet from the sign in to getting my package only took 15 minutes (most of the time was in the queue, but it moved the whole time.) So overall, I was very impressed with how well the logistics of this operation worked and the checkout process on the website was reassuring and easy to follow with no side effects (so commonly experience in the SA web space.)
  19. Bohemian Rhapsody 2018 9.3/10 They cannot put everything into 2 hours, accept it. However, I would have liked if they went further into the last stages of Freddie's life living with the disease, but at the same time, the abrupt ending on the high note was quite fitting. I am sure there are many details and old wounds the band members and close family did not want to rehash and as a result, they alluded to it at various stages in a well-portrayed manner. Rami Malek played the role incredibly well, even the smallest of nuances he managed to replicate.
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