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  1. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs 1/10 Probably the worst movie I have ever watched. Two hours I will never get back. Funny thing is I used to think there will be no movie worst than The Killing of a Sacred Deer, but this movie took the spot.
  2. Capitec: Mr (my surname) , based on your credit profile, we've reduced your credit card interest from 20.75% to 20.15%. So that's a plus, I didn't know they will change the interest on the fly based on your credit rating.
  3. In the spirit of diversification, I am contemplating if I should put some money into an RSA retail savings bond? I have R20 000 which I want to invest for the short term (14 - 24 months) I don't think I will easily be able to match 5 - 7% growth in EasyEquities with share picking and I don't feel like putting this into an ETF either. I would preferably want the interest earned to be re-invested into the account. Any ideas where best to put this money, it's far too tempting to keep it in my Capitec Account (too easy to access for stupid stuff like Sushi.)
  4. #CabinetReshuffle Appointments : Home Affairs=Cwele . Environmental= Mokonyane
  5. President Cyril Ramaphosa is to announce changes to the cabinet at 3pm. Two ministerial posts need filling in Environmental Affairs and in Home Affairs.
  6. Do any of you own Stor-Age Property (JSE: SSS) shares?
  7. Ster Kinekor Black Friday 2018 Deal Movie + Small Soda/Slush & Popcorn Only R60 https://www.sterkinekor.com/promotion/1831
  8. Medical aid increases well above inflation will hit members of medical schemes again 2019. According to data published by the financial advisory group GTC, the average increase across medical aid schemes over the last decade has hit as high as 6.4 percentage points above inflation. While the average contribution increases announced by some of the bigger open medical schemes for next year is in the region of 10%, the good news for Genesis’ members, on the other hand, is that their increase will average only 5.5% - almost half of what members of other medical schemes may have to fork out. Not all the open medical schemes have announced their 2019 average contribution increases, but from data available, have a look at what the average contribution increases will be for 2019, as well as what it was for 2018, for those schemes that have published their increases. Medical scheme average increases from 2018 to 2019
  9. Pick 'n Pay Black Friday 2018 deals pick-n-pay-black-friday-2018.pdf
  10. Dion Wired Black Friday 2018 deals, pdf attached. dion-wired-black-friday-2018.pdf
  11. EasyEquites has been without a valid SSL certificate now for almost 40 minutes...
  12. I like what they are trying to create here, it really feels like they want to encourage people to save money and not spent money (eBucks encourages spending and debt). I base this off the following article: https://www.businessinsider.co.za/discovery-bank-launch-promises-first-behavioural-bank-2018-11 if that is the case then I might just support this bank to the fullest.
  13. #Tencent results a beat, Naspers up 3.85%
  14. Make a Tyme Bank thread then we cover all these guys.
  15. Discovery has launched a bank! #Discoverybank - available to the public March 2019. What is interesting is that black bank depositors will own up to 10% of the bank collectively. It's to help previously disadvantaged individuals get in early on a South African bank.
  16. Anyone own MTN shares? I am thinking now that their share price is the same it was 10 years ago and they have some great plans ahead, it might be a good long term stock to add as part of my exposure to Africa? I see they will be opening up a bank in Nigeria and they also have a deal to bring incredibly cheap smartphones to their African outlets. Smartphone: MTN Bank: JOHANNESBURG — Mobile network MTN isn’t walking away from its Nigerian operation anytime soon and if anything, it’s looking to expand its services in that country. This is the message from the company’s Group CEO Rob Shuter who is hoping that authorities in Nigeria will seek an out-of-court settlement regarding a $10.1bn transfer dispute. If MTN manages to get through these choppy waters, a stock market listing in Nigeria, as well as the potential opening up of a new mobile banking unit, is set to be on the cards. – Gareth van Zyl
  17. I was thinking about this a lot the last week. Currently I bank with Capitec because it’s the cheapest, however the more I read about ebucks the more I am wondering if it might be worth it to use it. My biggest gripe with ebucks is that it appears you need an advance degree in statistical math in order to understand it. #1 Does the bank account type make a difference? Earn up to 15% back in eBucks when you shop at Shoprite & Checkers Earn up to 1.5% back in eBucks on in-store swipes & online shopping What is needed to get that 15% because the word "up to" makes me think it’s probably not the case for the vast majority of ebucks users. Will the bank account I chose have an impact? #2 FNB Fusion Gold VS FNB Fusion Premier – Which is best for ebucks? Is it worth it going for the Fusion Premier FNB account over the Fusion Gold? #3 Does your ebucks cover your monthly bank account fee? Right now I am with Capitec which costs me R5 per month and then all my transactions comes to a total of R70 per month and the interest I earn in a month is around R150 – So on capitec right now I bank for free. On FNB it seems I will be paying R155 to R209 just in account fees which means I will probably spend an additional R70 to R80 in transaction fees in a month, is this worth the switch from Capitec for the purpose of earning ebucks? #4 Will ebucks benefit me? I have the following expenses in a month: Rent – I pay (EFT) that to Rawson each month. Electricity - I pay (EFT) that to PEC Metering each month. Medical – I pay (EFT) that to Genesis each month. Gym – That is a debit order on my account. Telkom – That is a debit order on my account. Petrol - I spend around R500 in month on petrol which I pay for with my card. Airtime - My phone is prepaid so I buy airtime with my bank card or EFT depending where I buy airtime from. I then pay (EFT) a person for a municipal account for a property I co-own. I then pay (EFT) money to Nedbank for the investment club. I have a paypal order each month for the forum which goes off my card (linked to paypal). I do about R3000 in shopping at pick n pay, but can move to checkers for ebucks if needed. The rest of my money I pay (EFT) to EasyEquities or leave in my bank account to earn interest. Thank in advance for anyone willing to answer my questions, I am a Capitec user so understand anything other than EFT-ing money is very new to me.
  18. Do you have a link to this halogen oven it sounds futuristic. What does it do different than the philips air fryer?
  19. I am looking for the following stuff (please ping me if you guys spot a special on Black Friday) A microwave A blender, I like the nutri bullet type ones. They're very easy to clean. A slow cooker or an air fryer A kettle A toaster A standing fan, or cooling device (portable aircon).
  20. Personally I would by the Xbox One, I have a PS3 and will be the new PS5 if it ever gets released just because I own it since the PS one and love the remote. Anyway the reason I say buy the Xbox over the switch is because it will end up in your living room as the home entertainment system with netflix and 4k streaming. Dad and his new toy (disguised as a gift for the boys) The Nintendo switch is like a upgraded version of the PlayStation Vita, which was nice at the time, but you have mobile phones now packing more detail. If I was you, I would go to Cash Crusaders and buy a Xbox One plus 2 controllers plus a ton of games all for less than what the Switch would cost new. I don't think I would've been able to tell the difference between new and used when I was 8 years old. (Being a financial focused forum, I had to include the "don't buy new at inflated prices" comment.)
  21. Fun times... Distell Group Holdings Limited (DGH)
  22. Is there space for another bank in the South African landscape? I am a Capitec user and for me banking costs in the most important factor, so personally if Bank Zero is cheaper than Capitec I'll switch.
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