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  1. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has launched the pilot phase of a new business website which aims to significantly improve the ease of doing business in South Africa. https://bizportal.gov.za In a statement on Monday (4 November), Trade and Industry minister Ebrahim Patel said that the Biz Portal means that an entrepreneur will be able to register a business within a day in South Africa, a dramatic improvement on turnaround times of 40 days recorded by the World Bank 2020 Ease of Doing Business Report. The current price for registering a company through the portal is R175. However, Patel said that the Biz Portal was not limited to just registration, and that South Africans will also be able to access several business-related services to help in starting their company. This was done through a collaboration with the South African Revenue Services (SARS), the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and the Compensation Fund (CF), he said. Patel said that this collaboration means that users will be able to access the following features through the portal: Company registration; Tax registration number; Domain name registration; B-BBEE Certificate; Compensation Fund registration; Unemployment Insurance Fund registration; Business bank account. Currently four major banks are participating on the platform and customers will be able to make a direct payment in relation to the registration services at the end of the transaction, be routed into a safe banking platform to apply for a business account or opt for their personal details to be passed on to a bank of their choice.
  2. Live Stream The medium-term budget, delivered four months before the main budget in February, outlines government's spending plans over the next three years, and includes projections for the rate of economic growth and the status of public finances. Ministers also use it as an indicator of what can be expected in the main Budget. It does not generally include announcements on new taxes, and none were announced on Wednesday. Mboweni's medium-term budget in a nutshell
  3. I just saw this article about Google planning to acquire Fitbit. The link to the full article
  4. Took me awhile, but finally figured out how to pull a statement from the app. I setup dropbox on my phone and then created a folder called "Discovery Bank Statements" and via the app I navigate to "documents" and then I export the statements to dropbox and then access them on the PC. One thing I think they did very well is the ability to download "certified" statements. I'm impressed.
  5. I see Long 4 Life took a 12.5% stake in Spur. Brian Joffe’s acquisitive investment group Long4Life, which, in May, said it had a cash pile of R1.1bn for buying opportunities, has more than tripled its stake in Spur Corporation to 12.5%. The transaction, which is worth about R220m, takes Long4Life’s interest in Spur, which owns Hussar Grill and RocoMamas, from 4% to 12.5%.
  6. Cell C is planning to move its complete network to MTN and essentially become a high-level mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) as part of its turnaround strategy. This is the word from Cell C CEO Douglas Craigie Stevenson, who was discussing the company’s plans with the Financial Mail. Cell C is facing a challenging financial future after it recorded an after-tax net loss of R8.03 billion for the year ended 31 May 2019. Blue Label Telecoms co-CEO Brett Levy said they drew a line in the sand by writing off their entire investment in Cell C to zero. Despite this write-down, Levy remains upbeat about the mobile operator’s prospects, especially with the planned recapitalisation of Cell C through an equity partner. He said that the recapitalisation will address Cell C’s debt problem and help the company to become profitable. Moving Cell C’s entire network to MTN In his interview with Financial Mail, Craigie Stevenson said Cell C is negotiating a new roaming deal with MTN which will see it carry all of Cell C’s traffic. This new roaming agreement will also see Cell C hand all of its towers over to MTN, which means it will no longer run its own network. This radical move means that Cell C will essentially become a high-level MVNO without its own network infrastructure. This will remove the need for Cell C to invest billions in its network and allow it to use this money for operational expenses. Cell C’s plan to move its network requirements to MTN and become a large MVNO has been confirmed by an executive close to the negotiations who asked not to be named. He said such a deal would make financial sense for MTN and Cell C and allow the smaller operator to become more sustainable. Craigie Stevenson said Cell C cannot carry on with its “capital-intensive model”, and that this deal with MTN would entail substituting capital expenditure for operational expenditure. Since Cell C will use MTN’s network to serve its customers, it would allow the company to compete “on the basis of having the same geographical footprint and quality of service”. Craigie Stevenson told the Financial Mail that the deal with MTN is expected to be finalised by the end of October. Cell C has a bright future – Craigie Stevenson Craigie Stevenson remains upbeat about Cell C’s future considering the value of the company’s assets. He said that Cell C had valuable spectrum, a large customer base of 16 million active users, a wide distribution network, and a valuable brand – all of which it could leverage to improve its position. The Cell C CEO said they are getting rid of costs, getting more efficient, and “understanding what a performance culture is all about”. He said they are well aware that Cell C needs to be more efficient than Vodacom, MTN, and Telkom to recover and improve its position going forward. From MyBroadband
  7. Thank you for both responses. Does 10x or Sygnia offer Pension Funds how are they different to an RA?
  8. Might be a stupid question, but is it worth getting one and how exactly does an RA work? I have a TFSA and I have an EasyEquities account, but I often find myself not taking full advantage. It's not like I do not have the money to invest, but I do lack the discipline I think the last ETF I bought was in April. Instead I ate out and opened a second gym contract. Funny thing is, since I opened this Discovery Bank account it really made me think about what happens the day I can no longer work and what stuff needs to be in place when I retire.
  9. Great! I wonder what MTN and Vodacom will do this year? I am going to buy the Samsung A50/70 or Oneplus 7 cash and then was initially thinking of getting a Telkom free me contract, but now I am thinking with Black Friday - this might be the perfect opportunity to wait a little longer.
  10. Black Friday will take place Friday, 29 November 2019. When you come accross good Black Friday deals please post them there I will keep a list in the OP with all the good deals and participating stores. Please post what items you are looking for then we can all look around for deals on the day. Personally I would like to buy a 55" to 65" TV and whatever MTN deal is good this year. Companies participating in Black Friday 2019: Takealot: URL to be confirmed OneDayOnly: URL to be confirmed Makro: URL to be confirmed MTN: URL to be confirmed CellC: URL to be confirmed Pick n Pay: https://www.pnp.co.za/blackfriday HiFi Corporation: URL to be confirmed Checkers: URL to be confirmed BidorBuy: @Bandit you'll post the link here first right? Cybercellar: URL to be confirmed Game: URL to be confirmed Dion Wired: URL to be confirmed
  11. So it seems the market is really liking this Chinese buying CELL C rumor because Blue Label's stock just went up 12% today. I still don't quite understand all of this, what does it mean when a company writes of the debt like Blue Label did with CELL C and why is CELL C booming a good thing for Blue Label after writing off the debt? https://www.iol.co.za/business-report/companies/blue-labels-share-price-soars-on-rumours-of-china-mobiles-bid-for-cell-c-34381615
  12. That will be the risk I take now - I am banking on it that I will earn more in 5 years than I do now to enable me to push 20% more into my bond in year 6 on wards. I will continue to look for places perhaps something else comes up before my lease agreement ends. Perhaps some middle ground like a a 23 year lease through SA home loans.
  13. Here a 30 year loan gives me roughly 200k more to offer, in Cape Town that 200k is the difference between a semi safe apartment and delft. My idea was to opt for the 30 year (giving me access to more money to buy a semi good place), but then through proper budgeting pay an extra 10% into the 30 year bond every month. Not sure if that approach is as wise as I think it is in my head? Essentially with 20 year bond, I can't get the place (roughly 100k short), 30 year bond I can easily buy the place. In an ideal world I'd like to save up for that 100k shortfall, but the reality is that property prices are rising faster than my saving ability through my salary, so I will always play catch up.
  14. I am still using my Samsung S6, but it's getting quite old and slow now. I am thinking of getting the Samsung A50 (cash) and then bundle that with a Telkom Free me sim only deal.
  15. Thanks for the responses so far guys. I see SA Home loans offers a 30 year bond. Are there any immediate dangers to opt for a 30 year instead of a 20 assuming the purchase price is the upper limit of the 20 year bond affordability? I know you'd be paying a ton more interest on the 30 year bond than on the 20 year bond, but I would increase my bond payments which should counter that? I also see SA Home Loans have something they call an "Edge Home Loan" which allows you to structure a bond in such a manner that you pay the interest only for the first 36 months - this looks appealing should allow me to qualify for more working under the assumption that my earnings in 3 years would be able to match the capital repayment. Am I understanding that loan correctly? Are there any pitfalls to paying off the interest only first on the home loan through this product?
  16. I am in the process of and looking to; buy a property. I see current interest rate on most of the bond calculators are on 10% which is probably the prime lending rate? How likely are banks to give you a bond with interest below the prime lending rate, assuming you have an excellent credit score? (Mine is 666 currently). Would it have any affect if I go to FNB and tell them if they give me a lower than prime interest rate then I will move all my credit cards to them from the other banks? I think what I am trying to get at is how do you negotiate the interest rate with a bank as a first time home buyer?
  17. I also have some in DCX10. I'm sitting on a bit of cash. Really hoping to see BTC go below $6k in the coming month before it goes up.
  18. IPO for Engen planned for 2020 Petroliam Nasional BHd and its South African partners plan to conduct an initial public offering in their fuel retailer Engen to fund the upgrade of a refinery in the coastal city of Durban and to expand its network of gas stations. A yet to be decided amount of shares in the company, which is South Africa’s biggest fuel retailer, will likely be sold on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in the first half of next year, according to people familiar with the matter. Engen’s 135 000-barrel-per-day refinery needs to be upgraded to meet more stringent laws aimed at curbing pollution. Engen is 74% owned by Malaysia’s Petroliam Nasional, known as Petronas, and 26% held by a group led by Phembani, a South African company founded by Phuthuma Nhleko, one of the country’s most successful black businessmen. JPMorgan Chase & Co. has been mandated to assist Petronas with the listing, the people said, asking not to be identified as the plan hasn’t been announced. Engen, which was founded in 1881 and now operates in seven African countries, has an asset value of more than R40 billion ($2.6 billion), according to the people. In its 2018 financial year, it posted revenue of R82.5 billion and net income of R1.8 billion. In addition to its own operations, Engen earlier this year swapped gas stations in eight African countries for a stake in Vivo Energy. While Petronas gained control of Engen in 1998 it has since tried to sell the company, holding talks with South Africa’s state oil company, PetroSA, in 2013. Petronas and Engen didn’t immediately comment when called by Bloomberg. JPMorgan didn’t immediately respond to an emailed query. Source: Bloomberg L.P.
  19. Item: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC2 Gaming 08G-P4-6573-KR 8GB GDDR5 256-bit PCI-E 3.0 Desktop Graphics Card Quantity: 10 cards Age: Bought June 2017 Price: R3000 Warranty: I think these cards came with a 3 year warrenty from Corex. Packaging: I still have the original packaging. Condition: Perfect, we wanted to use it in mining, but was to late to the party. Location: Cape Town Reason: Not being used. Shipping: If you take more than 1 then we can split it 50/50. Collection: Collection can be arranged from our office in Bellville. Link: https://www.wootware.co.za/evga-geforce-gtx-1070-sc-gaming-208g-p4-6573-kr-8gb-gddr5-256-bit-pci-e-3-0-desktop-graphics-card.html
  20. Ola. welcome to the forum!
  21. I actually thought that if any broker or related platform in SA was going to use blockchain and attempt to tokenize a unit trust that it would be Sygnia - @Magda Wierzycka That said well done ZAR X, I hope they publish some statistics especially on speed (blockchain is slow) and also it would be interesting to see who the participants are. I think this is just a normal ethereum token (ERC-20), but it's a step in the right direction, perhaps ZAR X will pave the way by setting up the foundation to enable tokenisation and settlement of traditional assets (or any asset for that matter). @DCX10 what are you guy's thought on this?
  22. For a affordable and legal way - ask @PDSNET they have myriad of packages available for various JSE data points and their service is second to none.
  23. The bloomberg API still works: MTN https://www.bloomberg.com/markets/api/quote-page/MTN:SJ
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