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[ICO Introduction] TOMOCOIN

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1. What is their idea, product, tech

TomoCoin is building a blockchain infrastructure. A multilayer horizontal scaling suction for Ethereum network.

It consists of TomoChain, the base layer which enables TomoApplications to run on top. Small token economies built on it. TomoCoin is used to integrate these economies and to reward consumers and developers for their participation. 


2. What problem they want to solve

We are working on the TomoChain, a blockchain infrastructure framework, which is 

an open-source, high performance, zero (economically) fee and instant confirmation 

blockchain  that  can  process  billions  of  financial  transactions  per  day.  In  the  current 

plan, TomoChain is designed to be a public permissioned chain pegged to the 

Ethereum network. TomoChain is a technically innovative and significant component 

that makes TomoCoin and other cryptographic tokens issued on it secure, transparent 

and trustworthy enough to be a store of value as a digital asset. TomoChain will be 

integrated into the Tomo application when the development is completed.


3. How they will solve this problem.

The current feature plan of TomoChain includes:

- Proof of Authority consensus based on Ethereum codebase

- Masternode and servicenode system 

- 2 second confirmation and zero transaction fee for transactions

- Support all Ethereum smart contracts

- API supports for token issuances and integrations

- Zero-fee atomic cross-chain transactions (between Ethereum and TomoChain back and forth)

- Sending transaction within TomoChain with zero fee and fast confirmation

- Mining, cashing in and cashing out features based on smart contracts

- Node protection against spamming algorithm 

- Built-in exchange protocol and ICO smart-contract templates

- Decentralized governance application 


4. What is the history of the project

TomoChain is a company registered in Singapore. Team has a history of working together on tomoapp.com

An app of AppStore and Google Play with thousands of weekly users.

So Alpha version is out since Q2 2017


5. Minimum Viable product (MVP) or a demo

A demo for different parts of the project are available. The testnet for tomochain, A demo wallet and a tomoApps are all availabe for testing.


6. Roadmap

Q1 2018 they will build the TomoChain.

Q2 2018 Token Integration and reward engine integration.

Q3 2018 TomoAPP official release.

And by end of the year the Official TomoChain will be released.


7. Team and Advisors backgrounds

CEO is an economy PHD Candidate. Economy is an integral part of any blockchain, so It's good that this part is covered.

Team members have a previous work history together which in my opinion is more important than academic degrees. 

Director of engineering is a big shot github dev and very experienced. and their blockchain engineer has some experience in Cloud Architecture.

Director of Qlink and Founder of CryptXO are among their advisors.



8. Token Metrics

Market Cap: $8.5M

Total Supply: 100 Million. 50% is sold in ICO. A big chunk of tokens are sold already in pre sale.

With a working product, Minimal Hardcap and a promising technology, I am pretty sure binance will be the first exchange that pick this up.




+16,000 in telegram and ~$1M is left for sale. Hype is real with this one.



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