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  1. 1. What is their idea, product, tech TomoCoin is building a blockchain infrastructure. A multilayer horizontal scaling suction for Ethereum network. It consists of TomoChain, the base layer which enables TomoApplications to run on top. Small token economies built on it. TomoCoin is used to integrate these economies and to reward consumers and developers for their participation. 2. What problem they want to solve We are working on the TomoChain, a blockchain infrastructure framework, which is an open-source, high performance, zero (economically) fee and instant confirmation bl
  2. Another ICO I'm very bullish on is INK Protocol. My score (based on 32 Point system explained in my other topic found here) 32 1. What is their idea, product, tech (score: 4/4) Ink Protocol (XNK Token) is a Decentralized reputation and payments protocol for peer-to-peer marketplaces. Ink helps users safely send and receive payments in P2P marketplaces while earning public reputation for every completed transaction. It greatly enhances the buying/selling process with decentralized reputation and feedback ratings, decentralized escrow for secure payments, third
  3. Did you get in?! I registered for the lottery but didn't make it.
  4. As promised I will start with my most anticipated ICO of January! Experty Knowledge sharing and Monetized Consultations powered by blockchain. My score (based on 32 Point system explained in my other topic found here) 31 1. What is their idea, product, tech (score: 4/4) Experty is Uber meets Skype! Everyone can monetize their expertise and knowledge with their own pricing and timetable. You (A Doctor, Web developer, Magician, Gamer…) can create your experty profile and set your own price. Then you share your experty profile on social media and anyone who
  5. Thank you so much. Looking forward to learn from PW community!
  6. Other Important criteria for successful investments in my opinion are: i]Whitepaper ii] Hype iii] Industry Climate iv] Timespan v] Diversification Will post soon.
  7. I will start introducing the projects on my spreadsheet with 30+ score soon. I Will be happy to hear your feedback and input.
  8. 1. What is their idea, product, tech Is it a game changer Idea? How is the competition in their target market? If it’s not a novel idea you should see what is the value of other products in the market and how much room there is for growth. Example: Quantstamp! They are building a platform for Smartcontract security Audits. There is no universal security audits at the moment for the blockchain. 2. What problem they want to solve What is this project adding to the world? Do we even need this? Does it even make sense to make this or there other solutions that can be altered for our pr
  9. In this thread I will try and give a basic and non technical break down of what is an ICO. What is Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Token Generating Event? Basically a company or a team of developers will pitch their idea to the public and ask for money to build their idea into a product. People will pay their hard earned cash to the team in hope of gaining profit after the product is built. You will receive Tokens (=Coin=Cryptocurrency) for your money and you can sell these tokens on secondary markets (crypto exchanges) hopefully at a profit. However with over 10 ICOs launching every m
  10. I have it under my radar. It's one of better ICO's of early 2018. Cross blockchain tokens will be huge in 2018! They are yet to announce token metrics and the whitelist is not even open yet. I can update this topic with new info as it comes out.
  11. Bittrex is good. Support is awful though. It took them almost 40 days to manually verify my account. the biggest advantage of bittrex is it's volume which is much more than any other exchange for most alts. better prices in general. Binance added stop loss orders last week. So right now it's the best exchange in my opinion. The charts are much better than bittrex. if you use BNB you pay half the fees which is nice. The best part is you don't need to be verified to withdraw. Just open an account and you can withdraw up to 3 BTC daily. I love EtherDelta. I don't get why everyone is so scared
  12. Sera here. Finally decided to come out of the shadows and start posting. I've been following crypto for over a year now, mostly on reddit. Had to buy another car and other personal issues, so just managed to invest in October. So far Sooo good! I can respect Bitcoin as a pioneer of Blockchain tech and am grateful for the awareness and mass adoption that it's bringing to this space. But I'm an Ethereum hardcore fan. So many times crypto mania is compared to the .com bubble and how bitcoin and crypto economy is going to collapse one day. I believe with the way bitcoin price speculation and
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