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How to buy DigiByte (DGB)

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How to buy DigiByte (DGB)

The process to buy DigiByte is straightforward, you will need Bitcoin, Zcash or Ethereum, if you do not have Bitcoin then you can follow our guide here: (How to buy Bitcoin)


First you will need a wallet, we use the Ledger Nano S, which you can buy from (NanotechComputers) alternatively you can use one of these official DigiByte wallets:

Windows 64 Bit Wallet

Linux 64 Bit Wallet

Mac OS X Wallet


We will buy DigiByte using shapeshift.io again, so the process to buy DigiByte is to send Bitcoin to ShapeShift.io and then exchange it for DigiByte. In our case we used Zcash to buy DigiByte, the process is exactly the same.


Select Zcash, Bitcoin or Ethereum as the currency and DigiByte as the other currency.



Then enter you DigiByte address and your main currency address (in case the transfer fails it will refund that address)



Then you need to send the Zcash to the address specified



Congratulations you now own DigiByte coins




What is DigiByte?

After 4 years of consistent development, the DigiByte Blockchain has become the world's longest, fastest and most secure UTXO blockchain in existence.


One of the most impressive features for us is the 5 Mining Algorithms implementation of DigiByte. It uses five secure and advanced cryptographic mining algorithms to prevent mining centralization compared to single algorithm blockchains like Bitcoin, which is controlled by only a handful of mining companies.


DigiByte Blockchain

• Total Supply: 21 Billion DigiBytes in 21 years

• Block Timing: 15 Second Blocks, (1.5 Minutes per algo)

• Mining Algorithms: Five (Sha256, Scrypt, Groestl, Skein & Qubit)

• Blockchain Type: Public, Decentralized UTXO based

• Launch Date: January 10th, 2014


DigiByte Transaction Speed

DigiByte has introduced special code that doubles block size every two years to scale the number of transactions the network can handle well into the year 2035. Additional work is underway to further increase transaction speed and network capacity.

• Year 2016: 280 Transactions Per Second

• Year 2017: 560 Transactions Per Second

• Year 2019: 1,120 Transactions Per Second

• Year 2021: 2,240 Transactions Per Second

• Year 2035: 280,000+ Transactions Per Second


If you found this guide useful send some DigiByte love to:




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