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Anybody using it or know about it? I've setup two rules to make small trades and it seems to be working on their demo exchange.


Thinking of linking Binance to it but not quite there yet.


Also, if you were to run a trading bot would you use BRC or Tether or something else as the main wallet?

IQ Test

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Never heard of it.

For a high frequency trading bot I have setup Hummingbot which is created by traders for traders, and is open source and created with python. You can run it on your PC, or what I did was setup an instance on Amazon that can stay on 24/7 and trade.

Hummingbot can connect via API to all the big exchanges, and I also have it setup to connect to ice3 locally.

You can do Pure Market Making, Cross Exchange Market Making, Arbitrage etc. all the usual stuff.

There is a bunch of great youtube videos by the guys who made it where they show you how to use its features.

Check it out here: https://hummingbot.io/

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