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Launch of DIGICRED, a South African CryptoCurrency - Invitation to Private Token Sale

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Welcome !


What is DigiCred ?


Its a crypto currency, but unlike bitcoin & ethereum, is set around your lifestyle, to change your lifestyle and enable you to be more health conscious. Every transaction you make is encrypted with AES256 BIT encryption, private, secure and your data used by your own wallet to help you live a better lifestyle, save money, eat healthier, and best of all if anyone wants your data, media agencies have to pay YOU for it since you hold the key.


On top of BitMatrix (the blockchain platform that DigiCred is built on-top of), these services and/or products would be developed:

  •  products that would use your data to give you a better eating plans
  •  products that would use your data to help you live healthier
  •  products that would enable everyone else to PAY you for your data if they want to use it
  •  home security products that would let you, the police, and your security agency know the second something isn't right at home
  •  other products and services built on-top of BitMatrix, such as home/car insurance, life insurance, loans...etc..

DigiCred is a super fast, super secure, decentralized crypto-currency built on-top of the BitMatrix Fabric (Multi-Blockchain Platform).


BitMatrix is a brand-new blockchain platform that enables anyone to have their own blockchain with a few clicks of the mouse. And if you have a little technical knowledge you could quite easily integrate into your own blockchain on BitMatrix.


In order to deliver/build/use services through and on-top of BitMatrix, you need DigiCred.


The more DigiCred you have, the bigger your blockchain footprint.


At Blockchain SA we aim to change the health and security industry, as well as the financial industry.


DigiCred will make all this and more possible. Purchase 100,000 Tokens at 80% discount for the first few investors.


1 ETH gets you 1500 tokens which are then later swap-able to DigiCred on the BitMatrix Blockchain Platform free of charge, for use on the BitMatrix network of services, with companies that are also using BitMatrix.


Follow https://twitter.com/blockchainsa today to get first access to the Private Presale.

The early bird catches the worm !!



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So basically a place where companies can get all my info so that they can spam me with irrelevant nonsense I never wanted, except I get paid for the abuse, sounds lovely?

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