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The computer throws a blue screen of death with the error message VIDEO TDR FAILURE


TDR is the Timeout, Detection, and Recovery component in Windows. What happens is the Graphics Display driver for the installed graphics card(s) stops responding. When this happens, windows will stop and restart the driver to fix the problem, failing that results in the blue screen with video tdr failure.


The most common reason for this issue is that the graphics device is being overloaded or used beyond its capabilities.


This happens most often when playing graphic intensive games, but can happen with any process that uses a large amount of graphic resources, such as mining Ethereum and/or alt coins in our case.


In most cases, the Video TDR failure is a software related issue (Incompatible drivers), but there are some rare instances where it's caused by a hardware problem, like a broken GPU or faulty riser.


Note: The different notifications behind VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE, i.e, atikmpag.sys, nvlddmkm.sys and igdkmd64.sys, is due to the different brands of graphics cards and the graphics card drivers that you are using.


atikmdag.sys or atikmpag.sys VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE is ATI/AMD


nvlddmkm.sys VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE is Nvidia


igdkmd64.sys is Intel


To fix this issue:


Method One: Update Driver/Cleanly Re-install NVIDIA Graphics Driver or AMD depending on what you have.


Method Two: Re-install Driver in Safe Mode

Note: In this method if you are using AMD cards, it is required that you download the latest version of the Intel chipset drivers and the latest version of the ATI/AMD graphics card driver.

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