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How much should I contribute to my RA?

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It's February. The last month of this tax year. It is also the last chance to contribute to my RA.


Should I contribute to my RA? And if so, how much should I contribute? Should I try and maximise contributions to my RA and take advantage of the great tax breaks RAs have to offer? Or, should I invest it in a normal investment account, where I have more freedom?


I have made a free, interactive RA guide to answer this question. I will tell you what I like about them and what I do not like about RAs. Then, the age old question of "How much should I contribute to an RA?" will be answered by running interactive simulations. This will help me determine my ideal RA contribution.


It is available for free for anyone to read and tweak to your variables with. 


Find it here at https://mymoneytree.co.za/ra/



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